First Full Trailer for The Wolverine


We promised and today we deliver. First there was the James Mangold’s “Tweaser” (the six second Vine clip) then yesterday (March 26th) there was the teaser. But today we get our first proper trailer. And as if that wasn’t enough we’re also showing you the US version with different footage. We really are spoiling you aren’t we?

This really feels like it’s going to be miles away from the X-Men movies, which is what it needed to be. The biggest issue these movies face as they become more like their comic counterparts is getting bogged down in continuity. But this looks like a movie that should be free of too many references to other characters and other movies.

There are definitely parallels that can be seen between The Wolverine and Iron Man 3. Both have distanced themselves from the rest of their respective movie universes and both are putting a really close focus on their main character. They also have (first) trailers free of one-liners and quips, proving them to be more dramatic stories than before.

Director James Mangold has taken this in a direction that both he and Hugh Jackman are already proud of. A Wolverine that can’t heal? Now that sounds like an interesting premise. But what do you guys think?

The Wolverine is released July 26th.

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