Highschool of the Dead returns (briefly?) to Dragon Age Magazine

Dragon Age Magazine (Highschool of the Dead)Back in February it was announced that the zombie manga series Highschool of the Dead would finally be returning to Dragon Age magazine this spring. The manga’s North American publishers, Yen Press, also announced on Twitter that they would release the new chapter (Chapter 30) digitally the same day that it is released in Japan.

On 9 April the manga did indeed return to Dragon Age, with the cover featuring the character Saeko Busujima (along with Triage X’s Mikoto Kiba). While this was initially expected to be the long awaited continuation of the manga, early word hints that this is merely a one off special publication. The chapter ends saying that the date for the next instalment is undecided, suggesting that there will be no new chapter next month.

It has been rumoured that maybe this one off special was released just to see if there was still enough interest in the series, to help gauge if maybe they should release the following chapters bi-monthly. Hopefully it won’t be another two year wait. As for the digital version, it has just been released online at the iBook store.

Highschool of the Dead was first serialised in Dragon Age in 2006 and follows a group of students as they survive a zombie outbreak. The series continued (with a few breaks) up to March 2011; however the busy schedules of writer Daisuke Sato and illustrator Shouji Sato tend to be cited as the reason why this has been on hiatus ever since. Yen Press were looking to release a second colour omnibus edition later this year in July, but this has now been shifted back to December.

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