WWE DVD Review: For All Mankind: Mick Foley

For_All_Mankind_-_Mick_Foley_DVD_2DWhether you know him as Mrs Foley’s Baby Boy, Jack Foley, Cactus Jack, Dude Love, The King Of The Death Match, Mankind, The Hardcore Legend, A New York Times Best Selling Author or just plain old Mick Foley, there is no doubt that he is a multitalented sports entertainer. So with a long overdue induction into the WWE Hall Of Fame recently achieved, it is no wonder that the WWE would want to celebrate him with a special three disc DVD set that chronicles his fantastic career.

Entitled For All Mankind: Mick Foley, the set is spread over three discs and is split into two sections. The first is a documentary on the career of Mick Foley and the second is a collection of his classic matches, most of which are referenced in the first section.

The documentary is a thorough look back through the career of Mick Foley and is largely told by Mick himself in a straight-to-camera talking head style. When you consider that the documentary is over two hours long, it could get repetitive and tiresome but here the appropriate use of family friends and other WWE Superstars helps to ease this. Couple that with subtle tricks, such as changing the camera angle when Mick is talking every so often and the occasional change in the musical score during the odd dramatic moment or two, the time spent watching the documentary actually flies by.

Special mention here must also go to Mick himself, who when looking back over his career does a fantastic job as a narrator of sorts and is very engaging. As such you feel every emotion with him during the high, low and squeamish points of his storied career.

The one drawback this documentary does suffer from however is that despite claiming to cover his career, it actually doesn’t and misses out a considerable chunk of time, namely that of 2008-2011. This is largely due to the fact that during that period of time Mick was working for WWE’s rival, TNA. Not only do the WWE not have access to the footage, but also the rivalry between the two companies would have made including it impossible. So whilst this is a negative point that could actually render the whole point of the set moot, a lot of a care and effort has still been put into chronicling the rest of his career as accurately as possible, which does redeem it. Twin that with the fact that the early part of his career has been covered in great detail, which shows not only his first WWF appearance as a jobbing wrestler but also his early work in other wrestling promotions, and you will soon forget about this point. Though the great care taken here does make you wonder if something could have been worked out with TNA.

Mick_Foley_pictureThe second section of the set is made up of the extras and features a collection that consists of all the matches mentioned in the documentary. Despite some of them not being new to DVD, they do contain the feature to replace the existing commentary with a specially recorded one by Mick Foley and former ECW commentator, Joey “Oh my Goddddddddd” Styles. Whilst the DVD set features just the matches used in the documentary, the Blu-Ray does have some added bonus materials that include an impressive collection of promos and stories that could likely keep you busy reminiscing for a further hour or two.

The content aside, the actual production value is fairly impressive too. Once again the WWE has managed to make all of the footage used from the various points in Mick Foley’s career look great and as such they stand up to the test of time, which is no mean feat.

The DVD’s opening screen is also a step up from regular WWE DVD releases, in that the curtains open when you first load up to reveal video that then proceeds to play whilst accompanied by Mick Foley’s entrance theme, “Wreck”. Not exactly a groundbreaking addition, but it certainly adds further proof that a lot more care has been taken when putting this set together.

The only slight issue worth raising is that the WWE logo that is generally found on the bottom left of the screen does appear to have been moved over a bit and so now feels a bit more intrusive. But again this is a slight issue and so will not likely effect most of those who watch it, especially those who are familiar with more recent WWE programming, which is largely whom the DVD set is aimed at.

So in conclusion For All Mankind: Mick Foley is another great example of how when the WWE get it right, they really do get it right. Throughout watching this set you will be taken on an emotional journey that chronicles not only the career of this talented individual, but also the man behind it. You will be left with a deeper respect for Mick Foley, but also a stronger understanding of why he deserves his place in the WWE Hall Of Fame and that if you try your hardest your dreams, no matter how big they seem, can be made reality.

For All Mankind: Mick Foley is available on DVD and Blu-Ray from April 22nd here and purchasing is sure to make you HAVE A NICE DAY!

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