VIXX Release First Album “Hyde”

After the success of their previous release ‘On & On’ VIXX became a overnight sensation within the K-pop scene, making their name with their alternative music video themes and consistent style. Their latest comeback is no different, taking elements of the classic story by Robert Louis Stevenson’s Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde, the boys bring forward a split personality showing a dark black persona hidden within their white knight exterior.

VIXX (Voice, Visual, Value in Excelsis) consists of leader N, rapper Ravi, lead vocals Leo and Ken, visual Hongbin and maknae Hyuk. They were chosen as members of the group through the Korean reality show Mnets MyDol and debuted on May 24th 2012 with the release of their first single Superhero. Later that year in August they released their second single titled Rock Your Body, then claimed their fame with the release of On & On in January 2013. 

Unfortunately for VIXX their new song hit a little setback with the release of their music video teaser. Jellyfish Entertainment was told to edit the final video or to place a 19+ certificate on it, deeming it too violent for daytime viewing. There was a small divide within the fandom, some agreeing and some not seeing what was wrong with the theme. Jellyfish Ent soon calmed the crowds and announced they had everything under control. This was bought around when the trailer showed lead singer Leo battling with himself then placing his hands around a girl’s neck as if to strangle her.

Untitled 1

Personally the music video completely won my vote. Bringing the old classic storylines back into the spotlight, this is something completely different to what people come to expect of the K-pop scene with its tongue-in-cheek comedy and bright colours. The song itself is very strange and the first time you listen to it you might think it’s a mash up of different songs, but as soon as the chorus hits you, I guarantee you will be humming the song all day. The whole concept of opposites, black and white, good and evil also really appealed to me. We saw the group in a new light with topless winged teasers, to white suited charming men. The lyrics show the pain of love and the diversity of people, that what you see on the outside is not always what’s happening inside. 

Check out the video below and tell us what you think of it! Do you like the dark and light theme? Do you think the fuss about the age restriction was needed? Which member do you like the most?


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