Chewing the fat with Telikos Protocol

tpEarlier this month, I stumbled across an incredible Indie comic called Telikos Protocol. The book was so captivating and engrossing, that once I learned writer Peter Cooper and the incredibly talented artist Adam Burn were going to be attending May’s Comic Con, I just had to ask them for a chat…

NICK: For those who don’t know, can you tell us a little about Telikos Protocol?

PETER: Telikos Protocol is a graphic novel series set in a future where humanity has been driven underground by a severe shift in climate and ecology. Having discovered a wealth of alien technology on the seabed, the human race is attempting to get off-world, but the aliens that left the technology soon return and everything descends swiftly into chaos…


NICK: How did you come up with the idea?

PETER: We were heavily influenced by the sci-fi genre as a whole and wanted to bring back the kind of space opera that had seemingly been lost from everything besides video games. Adam created a series of concept images with the intention of creating an illustrated novel or artbook, but after thrashing out story ideas and discussing which mediums to work in, we opted to have a crack at a graphic novel. Telikos Protocol is our debut and we think it’s going pretty well for a first-time effort! 

NICK: The artwork looks amazing, you must be pretty happy with that?

PETER: You bet! With Adam’s background in games development and our meeting on a film project, our goal was to bring the look of concept art that you would see in video game and movie development into comics, which you very rarely see. Needless to say, the results are fantastic!


NICK: The book was funded through Kickstarter, which seems to be the way to go these days for independent books. How did you find that and would you recommend it?

PETER: A stressful but rewarding experience. Interacting with fans that way was incredibly insightful and a real joy, and while the time spent promoting and pushing the book was extensive (not much sleep for a month!) we really enjoyed it and, of course, reaped the rewards. Thanks to that funding, we can now print all of our books, which our fans are now enjoying as well!


NICK: Any tips for anyone looking to get funding for their own project?

PETER: When promoting your project and getting it out there, especially on platforms such as Kickstarter, it pays to be genuine and upfront about what it is you’re creating. Be passionate, put everything you have into it and you’ll come out the other end with a great product that people will want to fund! Oh, and do a neat video. That’s a pretty good idea too.


NICK: Are you currently reading comics, and if so what?

PETER: The Iron Man comics, Ennis’ Punisher MAX and some classic 2000AD have been on the agenda recently, with Strontium Dog and Rogue Trooper.


NICK: Can you recommend us something to read?

PETER: Glimmer Rats by Gordon Rennie and Mark Harrison; DMZ by Brian Wood and Ricardo Burchielli.
ADAM: The Halo Forerunner trilogy by Greg Bear; Romantically


NICK: What’s next for you guys?

PETER: Well, Telikos Protocol will likely be taking us right through to 2015, so after that, who knows. We fully intend on following Telikos up with something else, and we have been talking about story options within the universe as well as other new stories, but time will tell on which direction we go. Keep your eyes peeled!


NICK: Will you be going the Kickstarter route again?

PETER: We would definitely consider it. It’s tough but offers a real opportunity for making your friends, fans and followers a part of your work in a very real way. Private funding is perhaps a little less stressful though, so we’re very open to working more directly like that.


NICK: How are you finding interacting with the fans?

PETER: Been a real blast! Visiting conventions is always great fun, and London Expo will be no different! October’s Expo was our first, but we got a real taste for it, so expect to see us become a regular fixture!


NICK: Where can people get their hands on a copy of Telikos Protocol (or any of your other stuff)?

PETER: Telikos Protocol is available through most digital outlets and will be on comiXology very soon! You can also buy physical copies on or through our Facebook page at


Both Peter and Adam will be at the Telikos Protocol stall in the Comic Village, signing copies of the first two issues of this fantastic comic. I recommend that you treat yourself to a copy – I can promise that you won’t be disappointed.

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