Milae3 Fringe Stage Review

Milae3 (2)

Comprised of YouTube dancers, Kniga004, xAnniex2810 and NitsuGatcha, Milae3 – stylised in Hangul as 미래3 – are a somewhat unique entity amongst the constantly developing scene due to their focus upon K-pop covers. 

Appearing on stage in matching cut-off jeans, pink plimsolls and on-trend DORK t-shirts, the most striking aspect of Milae3‘s performance is the intensity of their dancing.

Distinctly different in both trend and structure from other acts, the three girls performed a trilogy of mixes culled from the last couple of years of K-pop releases without playing to the audience by settling for too many crossover hits that have bled into the realm of Japanese pop culture. Also decidedly absent was that one particular K-pop track made popular by YouTube last year, a choice which affirmed the group’s intentions to stay focused on what it is that appeals to them rather than deliberately pandering to those not well versed in the genre.

Comprised of tracks from Girls’ Generation, After School and even boy bands such as SHINee, the group’s exhaustive mixes showcased their highly practiced routines, a feat made impressive by the geographical distance between sisters Kniga004 and xAnniex2810, hailing from Brighton, and Welsh national NitsuGatcha. This becomes all the more impressive when it is revealed that a certain member of the group had come straight from doing exams on the previous day.

It is impossible not to admire the effort and the dedication exemplified by this. 

Recalling October last year when NitsuGatcha performed a short K-pop medley as part of the Otaku Owls set, it is easy to see the evolution of her involvement in Milae3. Despite the changes wrought by certain developments with NitsuGatcha‘s other group, the intensity of her love for the music she performs to has only been further reinforced by today’s performance.

Milae3 (1)It is important at this juncture to confess that I am not as entirely well versed in K-pop canon as perhaps many of Milae3‘s closest followers and yet even I – standing upon the field before the MCM Fringe stage, the stone steps leading up to the ExCeL Centre at my back – can appreciate the variety of what they have achieved with this debut performance.

If there was any criticism to make then the only one to really offer is that the space between the three mixes was slightly longer than to be expected. I don’t honestly feel as if this is something that properly holds water however given the intense physical effort required for their performance.

It is a cheap shot perhaps, designed by someone who has comfortably spent a life living with two left feet.

Stripped away of this single complaint, the impression that is left from Milae3‘s performance is one of the utmost competence.

Each of the three girls is highly skilled in the routines they have practiced and performed, making the group somewhat unique amongst a scene rife with units indebted to the more familiar sounds of Japanese language pop music.

Described by Kniga004 as an “endurance test” during one of their brief MC segments, there is no doubt that what the three members must have gone through to get to this level is exactly that; an endurance test… and one that has certainly paid off.

Without a doubt Milae3 are a group that deserve both your attention and your respect for what they have achieved. 

I for one will be watching their career with great interest.

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