Chewing the fat with Liam Shalloo

liamshalloologoLiam Shalloo is an incredible artist and his work has appeared everywhere, from computer games, comics and movies. With a man harbouring so much talent in attendance, it would have been rude to not distract him from his sketching for a quick chinwag.

NICK: What are you working on at the moment?

LIAM: Currently I’m involved doing concept art and graphic design work for PlayStation on two separate game franchises. As well as providing art on a clothing line and exclusive sketch card. 

NICK: Can you tell us a little about that?

LIAM: Unfortunately a lot of stuff I work on is quite hush-hush, as they’re not actually announced yet. I’m pretty sure there are a slew of lawyers waiting to throw me in a dungeon if I utter a word I shouldn’t. Though the stuff I can talk about, hmm. Well, I’ve been working as a graphic artist on SingStar for several years, basically providing the in-game artwork and working in a conceptual role.

NICK: What or who inspired you to become an artist?

LIAM: Near as I can tell I’ve always been an artist… God that sounds self gratifying, hah! I guess in truth I was always drawing as a kid, happily sketching and doodling my favourite heroes. It was such a passion of mine that as far back as I can remember I’d always planned to do an art based degree, which I did, and now here I am. Though since becoming an artist I’ve fell in love and been inspired by so many artists it’s unreal, Andrew Loomis, Tex Avery, Stuart Immonem, Nick Roche, Mike Deodata, Patrick Zircher, David Aja are front of my mind.

NICK: What comics, if any, are you currently reading?

LIAM: Unfortunately due to my somewhat hectic schedule I sometimes find it hard to keep track of current titles, though I’ve recently picked up Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye ongoing and have been re-reading my trades of Runnaways, Deadpool classics and Transmetropolitan

NICK: Is there any character that you would love to draw, but have not yet had the chance too?

LIAM: Professionally I’d love to take a crack at all the biggies. Superman, Batman, The Avengers, though I’d really love to be on the Deadpool ongoing right now. I even have a tattoo of the merc with a mouth.

NICK: You are currently working as a character designer at Sony and Microsoft. What is your proudest creation and why?

LIAM: Concept wise there are a few characters I’ve really enjoyed working on, but again I can’t really be too specific. Lame I know. I particularly enjoy designing robots, monsters and anything where I can add humour. I’ve also been really proud of my work providing logos and interface work on lesser known games as it keeps me well rounded.

NICK: Are there any characters that you wished you had come up with?

LIAM: Kratos, Earthworm Jim, though looking at the money The Avengers have pulled in I’ll also add any superhero who’s made a splash in Hollywood.

NICK: If you were to recommend us something to read, what would it be?

LIAM: Well aside from all the stuff I’ve worked on (Dr Who the Forgotten, Transformers the Arrival, Spotlight Hot Rod), Runaways, Transmetropolitan, 100 Bullets, Game of Thrones, Y the Last Man. Too many to name, my book collection is close to a thousand at the moment.

NICK: This weekend you are doing sketches. What is the weirdest request that you have ever received whilst sketching at a con?

LIAM: The weirdest thing is waaaaay too rude to say here (come ask me in person folks) though I did draw it!  Less rude, but still weird things, would be superheroes and robot’s in sexy underwear or wearing very strange costumes. Though I’m fully prepared for the crazy MCM crowd to surpass it this year.

NICK: So, what’s next for Liam Shalloo?

LIAM: Well primarily I’ll be launching my very own t-shirt and clothing range very soon and once these current selection of games and sketch cards come out I’ve kinda got my heart set on shifting back to working on a monthly book, as I miss it dreadfully. Though if people wanna keep abreast of whats happening with me, they can find me @liamshalloo.

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