Lee Townsend Seven Months On

imageBack at MCM’s London Comic Con in October, I had a little chat with comic book artist and all round nice bloke, Lee Townsend. With this weekend’s event looking bigger than ever, I thought I’d give him a break from sketching, to see what’s he’s been up to.

Nick: You were here back in October for MCM’s winter con, how did you find it?

Lee: Great thank you, always enjoy attending the MCM shows. 

Nick: Every time I have come to your stall you have been busy sketching away, but has anyone asked for anything that you just didn’t want to draw?

Lee: No not really, as long as I am drawing something I am happy. Although if you draw the same character for a while it’s always nice to draw something different and challenging. 

Nick: Do you have a favourite?

Lee: My favourite character is Spider-Man, but in terms  of drawing I like to draw a character that challenges me and is something I haven’t drawn before. I enjoy drawing Harley Quinn and Rogue.

Nick: If you could pick any one writer past or present to draw for, who would it be and why?

Lee: Well, would of course have to be Stan Lee (for obvious reasons). Peter David (his run on the Hulk, great characterisation and unexpected plot twist), Dan Slott  (Amazing Spider-Man Geoff Johns really liked the Batman he wrote with Gary Frank, Brian Michael Bendis, Avengers.

Nick: Are you still reading comics and if so what?

Lee: Yes of course, currently reading Wolverine by Alan Davis and Paul Cornell, Amazing Spidey, Indestructable Hulk, I also have quite a  backlog to get through at the moment.

Nick: In October you teased us about an up coming “graphic novel project with an independent publisher which is based on an American TV drama.” Can you tell us anymore about that?

Lee: Things have changed since last October. I am currently inking Crossed for Avatar Press which takes up most of my schedule, written by Si Spirrer. However, regarding the graphic novel project it’s still in the early stages and will take several months to get off the ground, I can’t say anymore as I have signed a NDA, but will tell you when I can.

Nick: When can we expect this? 

Lee: Hopefully all being well, before the end of this year.

Nick: What do you most enjoy about MCM Comic Cons?

Lee: Meeting people and the atmosphere over the weekend of the show is fantastic. As artists we spend most of our time in solitude working long hours, so seeing people and knowing they are interested in what you do is very rewarding. Also I get to draw great characters over the course of the show that I wouldn’t normally draw during my working day!

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