MCM Buzz at MCM Expo London Comic Con May 2013: Cosplay Video

Queen Serenity - Sailor Moon (cosplay)MCM Buzz brings you a collection of cosplay highlights from outside the ExCeL centre during the weekend of May’s MCM London Comic Con of 2013.

Click play below and enjoy the sights, played to the sounds of Broken Doll performing Samishikunanka Nai, written by Chris J. Nairn. Can you spot yourself in our video? Let us know by leaving a comment.

Do you still want more? Be sure to visit the MCM Buzz Facebook page where you will also find hundreds of pictures from the weekend of the MCM London Comic Con.

Image and video by Joshua Potter.



  1. David Burns says: Here are some more for you!

  2. BrokenDoll Kensuke says:

    Hi there!
    I’m Kensuke , I’m member of “Broken Doll” the J-Rock Band!
    Thanks for enjoying with my sound track “Samishikunanka Nai”.
    Keep on dancing and J-Rock!
    Check more information of us!

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  4. OH MY GOD YES HOMESTUCKS I LOVE YOU! #Caliope #moreCaliope #KanayaMaryam #WhatChainsaw #Chainsaw,MeetGamzeeAndEridan #OhGogImGettingTriggered

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