LEGO Marvel Super Heroes demo

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Cast

TT Games are back with a new entry into the LEGO series of games, and it appears that we weren’t the only ones to marvel at their last entry as the latest features Stan Lee’s famous Marvel Super Heroes!

Like it’s predecessor, Lego Marvel Super Heroes features open world gameplay and players are dropped into New York City to explore. However as Phil Ring of TT Games explains, it’s a Marvel version of NYC which means that whilst there are real-world landmarks to see, such as the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty, there will also be Marvel landmarks around, including Stark Tower, the X mansion, the Fantastic Four tower and a S.H.I.E.L.D heli-carrier floating way above the action. We are assured that there will be lots to do in the city as well, including side quests and other action – we will even be able to enter some buildings such as Stark Tower.

The game will feature a completely original story written by Mark Hoffmeier and there will be 15 levels to play.

When asked about the multiplayer, Phil explained that they still feel LEGO games work best when both of the players are in the room, and because of this there will once again be no online play. People can play co-operatively and will be able to roam freely around the city in splitscreen mode.

Within both the game’s story and open world parts there will be little nods to the Marvel universe that will not add or take anything away from the game, but will get the player’s attention, such as damage control, whom fans will know as the clean up crew after a super hero showdown.

There are over 100 characters to choose from in game, and TT Games are keen to ensure that each one behaves true to their comic book self and different from the others. We got to see The Hulk, Bruce Banner, Iron Man and Spider-Man in action, and true to their word TT Games have made them all play just as you’d expect. Spider-Man is armed with his web-swinging ability and spider-sense, Iron Man can fly and shoot repulsor blasts, and no-one smashes better than the Hulk. When asked about unlockable abilities and upgrades, Phil Ring explained that the developers feel it’s better not to hold anything back from the start as they want us to experience the characters at the best of their ability from the get go. TT Games also confirmed The Human Torch and Classic Venom for the game.

The gameplay itself is pretty much what you’d expect from a LEGO game. You traverse the map disposing of all enemies in your way until you get to the end boss, who in this case was Sandman and required water cannons to defeat him. There are puzzles along the way, and the cool thing about the LEGO games – Marvel Super Heroes included – is how you utilize your team members’ abilities to overcome them. One particularly cool puzzle saw The Hulk turn back into Bruce Banner in order to climb up a rope made by Spidey. We are told that team attacks are also being worked on for the finished game.

Once again the humour is not lost in the latest LEGO entry either, even things that you wouldn’t expect to be funny, such as Hulk facing off against Abomination, had the crowd in stitches. Players can expect many other famous Marvel face-offs to occur too.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes will be released onto the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, Playstation Vita and Wii U consoles this winter. The Wii U version will also contain unique features but these haven’t been revealed yet. TT Games also intend to release pre-order bonuses for the game, but these haven’t been announced yet.

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