Deadpool Video Game Preview


May’s MCM London Comic Con saw the very first hands-on playable version of the much anticipated Deadpool video game, and if the queues were anything to go by, there is a LOT of interest in this game. It’s easy to see why, with Deadpool being such a popular character in the Marvel universe and fans crying out for the opportunity to kick ass as the smart mouthed, mental mercenary.

Graphically it has to be said that Deadpool doesn’t look incredible. It’s not horrendous either, but it doesn’t look as good as you’d expect a game to appear on a console at the end of its lifetime. In fact Deadpool looks like a game that should have been released in around 2007 if we are going on graphics alone. The character detail is nice however, and when you take a lot of damage you will see bullet holes and cuts in your character that heal in a way similar to that of the X-Men Origins: Wolverine game.

DeadpoolWhen playing you start off with a small arsenal consisting of two daggers, a sword, a shotgun, two pistols, bear traps, mines, flash grenades, frag grenades and his famous teleportation belt. It’s exactly what you’d expect to have at your fingertips when playing as the mercenary, but it’s a shame that all of the different weapon types don’t flow that well together in combat. The melee and gun gameplay feel very separate from each other when fighting and don’t link well in combos, which is disappointing when you compare Deadpool to other action games such as the Devil May Cry series.

There’s not really much to the game either from what I’ve seen so far. The first level sees you start in a sewer and work your way up through an office building slashing at groups of henchmen in each room as you go. There are no real puzzles or anything to capture your interest, and with the pretty basic fighting system and weakness of the enemies it can get boring quickly. It seems that the only real appeal to the game is the fact that you are playing as Deadpool and you may hear a funny one-liner or see a random dance move at some point.

Melee fighting consists of light and heavy attacks, and different combos can be made by using mixtures of these. You can also change weapons in the middle of battle to add some more variety to your combat. As you play through the game you will collect coins which can be spent on upgrades such as new weapons, including a pair of hammers and ammo for your guns.

Deadpool humourHigh Moon Studios have tried to put humour in the game, and you’ll often find Deadpool having conversations with the voices in his head or breaking the fourth wall to talk to you in the way that has made the character so loved and famous in the comics, but be prepared for a lot of toilet jokes.

All of these things combined mean that Deadpool is shaping up to be a pretty mediocre game at a time when we should expect much better – Rocksteady’s Arkham games come to mind here. Fans of the character may be able to take something from the game due to the fact that it is Deadpool’s first title, but besides that there are no doubt much better action games out there.

Deadpool will be released onto the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC starting from 25th June.

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