Sailor Moon themed cosmetics on the way

Sailor Moon Make-Up Powder

So you’re all set to cosplay as Sailor Moon but you’re missing out on one important accessory, the Crystal Star Brooch. To tie in with the 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon, Bandai will be releasing Sailor Moon themed cosmetics. The first of these products is the “Miracle Romance Shining Moon Powder”.

It is a compact in the guise of a Crystal Star Brooch replica that Usagi (or Serena if you grew up on the English dub) uses to transform into Sailor Moon. With the detailing and mirror frame, it’s not exactly a cheap replica either, which comes in its own high quality pearl paper box.

Sailor Moon Crystal Star Brooch Make Up (1)   Sailor Moon Crystal Star Brooch Make Up (2)

According to Bandai, the make-up powder itself is to prevent an oily look on your skin, with moisturising ingredients that should leave your skin feeling soft and plump. And you don’t have to shout “Moon Prism Power” when using it… unless of course you really want to.

Set to be released in Japan in November at a cost of ¥3,980 (about $40 / £26), it managed to sell out on pre-orders from official retailer Premium Bandai, though they do intend to restock a second batch to sell from 12 June. Unfortunately Premium Bandai do not do international delivery, but you could try at CDJapan or Big in Japan once it comes back in stock. If anyone happens to be in Tokyo on the weekend of 15 –16 June then they can try it out for themselves by visiting at Bandai’s booth at the International Tokyo Toy Show.

Is this something you’d like to get your hands on? What do you think the next Sailor Moon cosmetics item might be?

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