Pokémon X and Y Announcement: Release Date, New Fairy Type and Pokemon-Amie Revealed

pokemonxy_ss11Nintendo have announced a great deal on the new Pokémon instalments X and Y this week, and it certainly looks like they are making some bolder moves than in previous recent editions. This next generation of Pokémon games will feature moving Pokémon sprites, updated movement and 3D graphics, but some more exciting information has been released today.

Firstly, there will be a new type of Pokémon, Fairy type. As well as creating a range of new Fairy Pokémon, including a new evolution of first generation Pokémon Eevee, Sylveon, older Pokémon will also be changed to become Fairy type. This will include the obvious choices such as Jigglypuff but also Pokémon such as Gardevoir and Marill, who are now partly their original types and partly Fairy. Many may not be excited by the introduction of this new type, but one of the major selling points is that Fairy type moves will be super effective against Dragon type, perhaps wiping the smirk of the face of those pesky elite-four.

Sylveon and Hydreigo battling it out.

Sylveon and Hydreigo battling it out.

Pikachu loves the attention in Pokémon-Amie.

Pikachu loves the attention in Pokémon-Amie.

Another large announcement was that of the new mode of interaction will be available between players and their Pokémon called Pokémon-Amie. This mode appears to function in a similar way to the popular Nintendo franchise Nintendogs, allowing for players to pet their Pokémon, feed them and also interact through the 3DS camera. Nintendo believe the mode will allow players to become closer to their Pokémon than ever and any player can admit that making their hard-trained Pokémon smile every once in a while will be great. It has also been hinted that the mode may have effects similar to the happiness level in previous games.

Alongside the new information about the gameplay itself two new Pokémon have been announced! 

The first is Noivern, the sound wave Pokémon. This Pokémon will be Flying and Dragon type. A new move that Noivern will be able to use is Boomburst, a normal type move that attacks all those surrounding it. It sounds like the normal equivalent of Surf because it also harms your allies in a double battle.

The second new Pokémon is Vivillon, a new Bug and Flying type Pokémon. Not much more is known about these new additions yet, except that Vivillon can use the move Struggle Bug, a move that lowers the opponent’s special attack whilst doing damage. For more information we also have the new trailer that was released with the announcements. Check it out to see some more Pokémon action in 3D!

Pokemon will be available worldwide on the 12th of October 2013.


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