Further Pokémon X and Y Announcements: New Pokémon, New Battle Methods and More Ways to Connect

Pokemon X Y - Horde Encounter

Pokemon X Y - Clauncher

A further press release from Nintendo at the E3 conference today has revealed exciting new aspects of gameplay, as well as more of the monsters we can expect to encounter in the Kalos region.

In addition to the new Pokémon announced yesterday (Noviern and Vivillion), glimpses have now been offered of a blue, Water-type Pokémon called Clauncher, a Fire and Flying-type bird called Talonflame, and a bizarre Poison-type monster called Skrelp. Talonflame, known to be the evolved form of the recently-announced Fletchling, can reach phenomenal speeds of up to 310 mph when diving for prey, attacking its foes with fiery embers and devastating kicks. It can also learn the powerful Flying-type move Brave Bird. The lobster-like Clauncher, meanwhile, uses its huge claw to attack with forces strong enough to crush boulders, as well to shoot condensed water spray at enemies. The strangest of the new announcements, however, is Skrelp, said to disguise itself as a piece of seaweed or rotting kelp in order to surprise its enemies by bathing them in paralysing poison. So far we know that Skrelp can learn the move Sludge Bomb.

Pokemon X Y - TalonflameNew methods of connecting with other trainers, both locally and internationally, will be available to use in the X and Y versions. The Player Search System (or PSS) makes it easier to find other trainers for battles and trades by alerting players when another X or Y user is nearby, as well as enabling connection via wi-fi with players anywhere else in the world. For the first time, users will also be able to select one of seven languages (English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Italian and German) in which to play the game.

Pokemon X Y - SkrelpPerhaps the most exciting piece of news was the announcement of two new ways of battling within the game, called Horde Encounters and Sky Battles. Horde Encounters in particular will force trainers to reassess battle strategies, ensuring that Pokémon in their party have moves which can inflict damage on multiple opponents simultaneously, or else risk many slow and difficult fights. Horde Encounters occur when players come across wild Pokémon travelling in packs or herds, such as Miltank, Tauros, Axew or Houndour. Despite facing opponents en masse, however, trainers can send out just one party Pokémon into battle at once, as per normal battle rules. Sky Battles, on the other hand, follow the usual one-on-one rules, but take place high up in the air. They may be requested when in-game trainers are encountered in high or distant places such as cliffs or towers, and will provide a stunning, dynamic backdrop for battles, allowing for some fantastic new graphics. Players can only participate in Sky Battles whilst carrying Pokémon that have the ability to fly. Nevertheless, it’s clear from the screenshot of Haunter and Talonflame below that this does not solely include Flying-type Pokémon.

Pokemon X Y - Sky Battle (Combat A rien Himmelskampf)

As announced yesterday, Pokémon X and Y will be released on 12 October this year. Keep checking back for further updates!

Source:  Pokémon Official Press Site

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