Pokémon X and Y Info Revealed – Starting Town, Friends and First Gym


Hey Pokémaniacs, we’ve got even more new Pokémon news for you today. Who’s ready to find out about the starting town in X and Y, along with the new game’s first Gym Leader?

The game will start off setting you down in your new home, Vaniville Town. Not much is currently know about the area, other than that it’s home to four friends you’ll encounter throughout your journey.


Tierno_(FR_DE_IT_Tierno_ES_Beni)_official_art_300dpi Trevor_(FR_DE_ES_IT_Trovato)_official_art_300dpi

Shauna (left), Tierno (center) and Trevor (right) will appear in everyone’s game, regardless of what gender they give their character. Shauna apparently is highly energetic and curious. She’s leaving Vaniville Town to embark on her own mission and seek out some goal of her own, but the details of this are still unknown. 

Tierno’s character reveal is really interesting, purely because it defies the sort of social conventions that many of the series’ character and trainer types are often built around. His motivation as a character is centred around his love of dance and his desire to incorporate dance into his battle style, and battle moves into his dances.

Trevor’s a dedicated academic and scholar, determined to complete his Pokédex before anyone else, but from the sounds of things this is mainly for the purposes of research rather than any training standpoint.

Vaniville Town will also be home to a fourth friend, Serena (if you choose to be male) or Calem (if you chose to be female). Both of these characters will fill the traditional rival slot in your adventure, much like Gary Oak did before them.

Now, anyone who’s been watching trailers for Pokémon X and Y will no doubt have seen footage of a Spider Web design in one of the game’s Gym’s. This is the inside of Santalune City Gym, run by Gym Leader Viola. While little is currently known about her, it’s a safe bet that she’s likely to use some form of grass or bug Pokémon in her team.

There we have it. Are you excited to get the game when it comes out this October? Do you have a favourite character reveal from today’s news? What Pokémon do you think the first Gym will be centred around? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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