Misty vs the Brazilian Government: Super Effective Pokémon Cosplay

A protester in Brazil has devised a novel way of attracting attention to his cause with a Pokémon-themed cosplay demonstration

Dressed as water-type gym leader and recurring TV series character Misty, the man calls on the Brazilian government to reform public services with a sign that reads, “Ash stole my bike. I need quality public transportation.”

Protester Used Cosplay. It's Super Effective!

Protester Used Cosplay. It’s Super Effective!

Apparently, this is a Misty who’s after catching buses rather than Pokémon.

The growing Internet circulation of the image is a fantastic example of how a little humour can go a long way, even when dealing with the most serious of issues. As the HappyPlace coverage puts it: “There’s a Snorlax sitting in front of the gateway to reform in Brazil, but this man dressed as Misty from Pokemon is there to wake up the sleeping Pokemon of progress.” 


Misty Needs Transport

Best of luck to Mr Misty in the leader battles he faces. Perhaps this move will land a critical hit!

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