Mewtwo: Prologue to the Awakening Trailer

Mewtwo Prologue to the Awakening (Danku, Virgil, Anna and Oscar)

TV Tokyo began streaming a trailer to their TV special, Mewtwo: Prologue to the Awakening, with an HD version having now found its way to the official Japanese Pokémon YouTube channel. As well as showing a few scenes of Mewtwo’s new form we also see that the main character is Pokémon Rescue Squad worker Virgil.

After making an emergency landing on a mountain, Virgil meets the young girl Anna and her grandfather Oscar, who tell him how they were once saved by a mysterious Pokémon that seems to fit the description of Mewtwo. They also meet Danku, a man who says that he too was saved by Mewtwo, but it looked injured at the time. Virgil organises a rescue hoping to help Mewtwo, but soon suspects that he and his search party are being followed. The two hour TV special will also reveal Mewtwo’s history and how it became the strongest Pokémon.

The special will air on TV Tokyo on 11 July at 7:00pm and serve as a prologue to the upcoming film ExtremeSpeed Genesect: Mewtwo Awakens, which opens in Japan on 13 July.

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