Say Hello To The Ouya


The Ouya has been released in the UK and is now available to buy from Game and for £99. The Ouya is an Android-based gaming console that allows for game streaming from their library as well as the use of a PS1 emulator. There are also apps available such as Crunchyroll and Flixster. The best part however is that all games are free to try before you buy.

The Ouya famously came into being through a Kickstarter campaign where it received $8,596,474 in pledges thanks to thousands of backers. If you haven’t heard of the Ouya before, the idea was to take the small indie titles on smart phones and bring them to the TV. Really it sits somewhere between an Android tablet and one of the “Big Three” gaming consoles. To have something in stores, competing with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo is pretty impressive and something some had previously said couldn’t be done.

Unfortunately for Ouya, their launch has gone far from smoothly. The Kickstarter backers were supposed to get a version of the console weeks before it was available at retail. However there has been issues with the shipping company DHL meaning that not everyone has one yet. Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman had this to say:

I am pissed. Some of you have not yet received your OUYA — and, to you, I apologize. I did not promise to ship to *most* of you before we hit store shelves. I promised to ship to *all* of you. I’ve been reading your comments, and we are working to solve this.

Here is what I know:

We delivered your OUYAs to our partner in May, and since then they have been in their custody. We paid for shipping, yet the deliveries remain incomplete. We know everyone is getting their OUYA, but it is taking longer than we expected.

We are working hard to get you answers, and more importantly, to fix this. On our end, we have tripled our customer service team so we can respond as quickly as possible to your questions (though the answer may still be that it’s in transit). We are working with our partners to resolve any administrative issues related to undelivered boxes (errors in shipping addresses, customs holds, etc.). I’m told that despite our best efforts, it may take another two weeks or more for some of these units to arrive.

We will resolve this as quickly as possible. I’ve had my team working all evening to provide me with the current state of affairs and what we are doing to make it right. Ken, our Special Ops lead, can give you more detail.

Due to the issues surrounding the Ouya it’s difficult to find a solid opinion on the product itself. Taking to Twitter in search of an Ouya owner, all I found was yet another person angry that the backers hadn’t received their console yet.

So at the moment reactions are very mixed regarding the Ouya. Some are quite pleased with the neat little package while others fail to see the value and possibly only bought it for the free HDMI cable. Like all other consoles the Ouya might take some time for it to reach its full potential.

If you’ve bought an Ouya we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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