DC Comics unveil new look for He-Man and Skeletor

The DC Universe vs Masters of the Universe  Issue 2 CoverFollowing on from the recent re-imagining of fan favourite Lobo as part of DC’s 52 range, it appears that no one is safe, not even iconic characters He-Man and Skeletor, as DC have unveiled new looks for the pair of them!

Set to be revealed to the world in the forthcoming DC Universe vs. Masters of the Universe comic that is released on September 4th, the new design gives the iconic 1980’s villain a makeover that leaves him looking like a cross between Marvel’s Juggernaut and a minotaur. The redesign of He-Man meanwhile adds a more Iron Man look to his armour, as well as a gold hilt to the famous sword of Greyskull.

He-Man 2013The story for the six issue miniseries meanwhile sees Skeletor attempt to conquer Earth only to be met by the JLA and He-Man, who travels to our world to stop him. Whilst conflict between the Masters of the Universe and The Justice League has not been ruled out, the comic writer Keith Giffen has been quoted as saying that they will try to avoid the obvious clichés. Sorry folks, it looks as if Teela vs Wonder Woman could be a no go then!

The DC Universe vs. Masters of the Universe miniseries begins with issue #1 on September 4th with issue #2 due on September 25th.

What are your thoughts on the new designs for these iconic 1980s cartoon/toy characters? Which other 1980s characters would you like to see return with a new look? Let us know in the comments below.

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