New Arrow and The Tomorrow People Teaser released


With the new fall season soon to start, the promotion for both new series and the returning favourites continues to pick up pace. Joining the fray recently was the WB Network when they released a teaser (click play below to view the teaser) that combines two of their shows, that of Arrow (last year’s sophomore hit based on DC’s Green Arrow) and The Tomorrow People (the remake of the cult 1970s UK show of the same name).

If you are wondering why The CW have decided to pair these two together in one trailer, it is simply because both shows will be airing on the same night (Wednesday) and Arrow will lead into The Tomorrow People starting October 9th. Both programmes also boast another connection, as Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen) from Arrow is the cousin of Robbie Amell (Stephen Jameson) from The Tomorrow People. Perhaps then it should be renamed Amell night, no?

It is not unusual for The CW to pair their shows in such a way as this is designed to build up the audience of the second show by having it follow one of the channel’s most popular series. A previous example of this is the pairing of Smallville and Supernatural on Friday nights. Only time will tell if this formula holds true though.

The Tomorrow People and Arrow start on CW from Wednesday October 9th. What do you think of this pairing? Are you interested in The Tomorrow People remake? Let us know in the comments below.


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