Merlin Magic from MCM Scotland Comic Con

Rupert & Abe taking time to sign and take photographs.

Rupert & Ade taking time to sign and take photographs.

The Merlin Magic panel from MCM Scotland Comic Con gave the Glasgow crowd the chance to sit and have a Question and Answer with the stars of the show – Rupert Young and Adetomiwa Edun. The panel was packed largely with a younger demographic, mostly young lads and teenage girls. The first question came from a girl choosing the classic ice breaker; Who was your favourite actor to work with?”

Rupert mused, other than working with Ade, he thought doing scenes with Colin Morgan (Merlin) was always amazing, as well as working with Anthony Head. Ade joined in explaining that Richard Wilson was hilarious to work with, saying, “He has got a very, very dry wit. He would always make you laugh when you least expect it.”

The follow up question came from a young woman asking, When you started filming the first season did you think it was going to become as successful as it is and manage a whole five seasons?”

Rupert answered first explaining that he originally joined in Season 2; so he had already gathered that the show had been quite successful, but he believed Season 2 is when it really took off! “I don’t think that’s all because of me, but mostly,” he said. Being as open as he is, he used the audience as an example of how popular the show is, but humbly believes that “people are waiting for the next guy going, ‘When do these guys finish?’”

Ade chipped in with his two cents explaining how he is constantly impressed at the enthusiasm that people show. Much like Rupert he admitted that the turn out on the day says it all. “Whenever anybody chooses to talk about the show with such love, that’s kind of overwhelming,” said Ade. “So I don’t think there was anyway that we could have foreseen that.”

Ade and Rupert on stage at the "Merlin Magic" Panel at Scotland Comic Con

Ade and Rupert on stage at the “Merlin Magic” Panel at Scotland Comic Con

A question most people were hoping to ask that day was delivered from a young lad, asking, How did you feel when you got the news that Merlin was cancelled?”

Rupert debunked the cancellation rumor explaining that “it was always going to be five years, so everyone knew it and they were also keeping it secret. We’d be interviewed and they’d say, ‘How many years would there be?’ We had to pretend that it would go on and on, but they always knew there was a finite five year plan.” He then went into detail on when they received the news and that they were hoping for longer. He compared it to school or a job and that it’s just part of life. “It’s sad leaving behind a big part of your life,” said Rupert. 

Ade revealed a similar feeling as the series reached its end: “It didn’t hit until quite near the end that this is going to be over.”

Towards the end of the panel a young girl got up to the microphone and asked, “How long did it take to learn the horse riding and did you enjoy it?”

BBCAde answered first, happily explaining that Rupert was a natural horse rider and that he had a great relationship with horses. “It’s like they fell in love with him,” said Ade. “It’s quite extraordinary and I’m not even joking! So they look after him really well and I think a lot of horse riding is getting on with the horse and he smashed that!”

Rupert laughed and agreed with his co-star, explaining that at first he was terrified, but he later got his own horses, one in Wales and one in France. Rupert worked the crowd well with tales of him and his horses. “If I had been to France for a few weeks I’d get back and my Welsh horse would look at me as if to go, ‘I can’t believe you’ve been with another horse.’”

The crowd was a chorus of giggles, as Rupert finished the question with one story about his Welsh horse during the fifth season of Merlin. “She was just being a bit naughty in terms of trying to manouvre her to the left,” he explained. “She would go ‘Nope,’ and we would go to the right and go around in circles. Then one day the horse trainer phoned and said, ‘We went to the field this morning to pick her up and she’s had a baby.'” At this point Rupert corrected himself, saying, “Not baby, a foal! She had a foal, and no one knew that she was pregnant. So I had been riding a pregnant horse and wondering why she had been moody!”

Overall a fun panel from the stars of Merlin which easily won the crowd over. Rupert and Ade spent the rest of the day taking pictures and signing autographs with adoring fans.

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