YaYa Han vs Jessica Nigri: What a difference an edit makes!

Heroes-of-Cosplay-Yaya-Han-Jessica-NigriThose of you who have been watching SyFy’s newest reality show Heroes of Cosplay may remember a short time ago in episode two that one of the show’s stars, cosplayer YaYa Han, was shown on camera making harsh comments about fellow cosplayer Jessica Nigri (who coincidentally had turned down an offer to appear in the show).

external-imageThe comments then in turn sparked a debate about who was a better cosplayer and caused fans of each of the cosplay idols to take sides, but worry not as it appears that all is not as it seems…

Thanks to a video (which you can see below) on Han’s official YouTube channel, fans can indeed see that the two idols are in fact good friends and may cosplay together in the future. The video also alludes that what you see on Heroes of Cosplay is not necessarily what actually happened and is edited to make the show more dramatic for the viewers. Whilst this statement is not news to many, it certainly does beg the question how much of this series is actually real and whether it should in fact be called ‘script reality based drama’, as opposed to reality television.

What is also interesting in this video is that the claims about the editing are made by Nigri and not by Han and whilst she does not refute these claims on the video, or in fact defend the series, it certainly will be interesting to see if Heroes of Cosplay is to get a second season and if Han will return.

What do you think of Heroes of Cosplay? How do you think cosplay should be portrayed in the media? Add your thoughts in the comments below.

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