Free Torchic Giveaway – Pokémon X & Y Promo


As of tomorrow (12th October), a free Torchic will be made available to download via the Nintendo Network for players of Pokémon X and Y as part of the new games’ promotion.

august_torchic_1In addition, the free-to-download Pokémon will be holding Blazikenite, the Mega Stone needed to transform its final evolution into the hotly anticipated Mega Blaziken. Without this, there’s no way to activate Blaziken’s Mega Evolution, so don’t miss your chance to get your hands on this gift.

Players will receive the Torchic at Level 10, with the moves Scratch, Growl, Focus Energy and Ember. It will also possess the Hidden Ability Speed Boost, which increases a Pokémon’s speed at the end of each turn during battle.

Pokémon X and Y are released worldwide tomorrow, on Saturday 12th October.


Source: Pokémon XY

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