Cakes with Faces to launch three new designs at MCM London Comic Con!










Independent brand Cakes with Faces will celebrate two years at MCM London Comic Con by launching three new designs this October!

These original designs by graphic artist Amy Crabtree are inspired by Japanese culture, and feature bright and colourful eye-catching designs bound to tempt the many fans attending at the end of the month.



1. Cakezilla.

Like cake? Want to pretend you’re Cakezilla? Well this is the perfect tee for you. Featuring the not-so-scary Cakezilla and a poor cake fearing for its life, this design shows that maybe it wasn’t safe to come out of the oven after all. (Available in ladies slim fit and standard/mens sizes.)







2. Flying Saucer Attack

These aliens fall on the cuter side of extra terrestrial, so spread terror wherever you go! Large print on an easy-to-wear sport grey t-shirt. (Ladies slim fit and standard/mens sizes.)








3. I Heart Cakes

Does exactly what it says on the tee. Love cakes? Tell everyone about it, and maybe they’ll give you one! Available in pastel lilac for happy colourful people and charcoal grey if you’re more of a dark, shadowy type! (Ladies slim fit and standard/mens sizes.)







Cakes with Faces are a NEO Award nominated company and are 100% independent.

You can find them at MCM London Comic Con or at any of the following links:
Twitter: @cakeswithfaces

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