Record-Breaking: 88,000 Attend MCM London Comic Con October 2013

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It’s been revealed that an incredible 88,000 people attended last weekend’s MCM London Comic Con, smashing the previous record of 76,000 set at the May event earlier this year.

For the first time ever, stalls and events were spread across both sides of the ExCel London building, making for a huge expansion from 25,000 to 34,000 square metres. Despite this, as any attendee will tell you, MCM organisers managed to fill the building fit to bursting with exciting activities, diverse shows and stalls.

What little space remained was occupied by visitors, who ranged from wide-eyed first-time con-goers to the more experienced, colourfully costumed enthusiasts. It seems that not even DLR closures could keep the crowds away, with those who didn’t make it onto the replacement shuttle bus showing their dedication by trekking across on foot from Canning Town, many in heavy cosplay get-ups.

Running from Friday 25th to Sunday 27th October, the convention featured Europe’s largest Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series, the biggest gathering of comic book creators in the UK, and a whole range of special guests from films and TV shows including Lost Girl, Game of Thrones, Primeval, Haven, Warehouse 13, By Any Means, Under The Dome, Young Dracula, Torchwood, Red Dwarf and anime studio WIT. Saturday night also rounded off with the finals of the EuroCosplay Championship 2013, featuring over 40 cosplayers from 26 different countries.

Based on the rapid expansion we’ve seen so far, next year’s events promise to be bigger still. Said MCM co-organiser Brian Cooney:

“It is wonderful to have so many attendees and companies like Nintendo, E4, Warner Bros., Syfy, Namco Bandai, Manga Entertainment and Konami supporting our show. London Comic Con continues to grow year-on-year in terms of attendance, floor space and content, making the show an ever more attractive prospect for fans and exhibitors alike, and we’ll be returning in May with an even bigger event.”

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If you missed out on the event, or are simply looking for your next fix, MCM will be taking over Birmingham’s NEC from 23rd – 24th November, and will be back at ExCel London on 23rd – 25th May 2014. See you there!



  1. Beep boop says:

    I’m assuming the queuing issue and serious congestion the new layout caused will be fixed for may? Since this was the first time it was like this I’m assuming it will be seen as a test run. Having half the center essentially closed because of the ticket halls made it unbearable cramped; and with increasing numbers of attendees this really needs to be fixed!

  2. Kate says:

    This ‘record-breaking’ is not a good thing. The Saturday was much too crowded, and nobody was happy. I appreciated all the work you have done in improving Expo, but please, oh please, stop selling tickets on the door, and start trying to limit numbers. Please.

  3. Matthew says:

    There was also a record breaking amount of getting away with things from the Expo staff. I am seriously considering not returning after that experience. It was horrid. Just SO cramped. I’ve felt more comfortable in rush hour tubes before. Please, Expo is great. Just sort this out. Cap the tickets sold, use more halls, set up a 1 way system with the “gaps” to let people switch directions. Just something.

  4. Watsonscope says:

    The reason many Strong cosplayers are no longer’s grown to large..and attracting wrong crowds.

  5. Tralala says:

    Record breaking attendance is not necessarily a good thing. The use of more halls was a brilliant idea but heavily let down by an atrocious queueing system that made getting in/out of the building nigh impossible on the Saturday, causing a lot of unnecessary distress for many attendees (including myself). I hope that the problems at this Expo will be addressed and smoothed out by May, as a lot of people are getting put off. Expo is starting to get a bad reputation with its seeming obsession with breaking attendance records, and if the congestion problems aren’t seen to, it will only get worse! Keep bringing in the punters by all means but please be prepared to accommodate such large numbers of people for the sake of old faithfuls and new faces alike!

  6. XenoPlough says:

    I would love for this to be a great number but it was to fucking crammed. Legit they want to que people like that next year I will boycott.

  7. Methos says:

    nice… very nice… impressive attendance… wait, hold on…

    *checks figures*

    Hmm, so ExCel has a safe capacity at any one time for 68,750 visitors, as quoted from their full specification manual… meaning MCM was over 20,000 people OVER it’s health and safety capacity?

    Now that I do find interesting… and disturbing, especially for a building that hosts the UK Safety & Health Expo anually.

    ExCel building specification sheet from their own site, capacity detailed on page 4 –>

  8. Juanita Wilder says:

    I enjoyed the event but the queuing system was atrocious, specially on Saturday, making it a nightmare to enter or exiting the building. I shudder to think what would have happened in case of a mass panic. I look forward to May as this is my favourite convention, but please, give some study to the queuing/ticket buying system as this does cause lots of distress… I appreciate the effort you guys have put on the expansion of the market area and the variety of activities offered, keep up the good job 🙂

  9. ChimChim says:

    I Hate that your gloating about the “Record Breaking” attendance! when i spent my whole weekend stuck in crowds unable to move, get to any of the panels on time or enjoy the stalls! there were WAY too many people there! and it ruined my experience! i understand it is a popular event and I have LOVED it the past 2 times i have been! but you really need to sort the crowds out!! STOP selling tickets on the day if you have already oversold online!!

  10. Bea says:

    i’ve really enjoyed mcm over the years, but i don’t think that the new layout was very well thought out. some of the “guards” or people that work there, were quite rude to my dad, and yelled at him, because he wasn’t aware of the new layout. some years, i have just enjoyed staying in the longer hall, and not going into the main area where they sell the merch. but you can’t now, and it’s gotten more busy and packed. when i did go into the main hall, it was impossible to move, and i couldn’t get close to any of the stalls, therefore missing out on the things i had planned to see. i love mcm, i just think the new layout needs to be thought out more.

  11. AliHazard says:

    Because feeling like a sardine is what a con is all about! As someone who has never suffered from claustrophobia before I found it distressing to the point of near panic attack. Oh I wanted to look at that stall *whooosh swept away by crowd* I guess i didn’t want to look at that stall then. There were little children there and at 1pm if a child had fallen over they would have been hurt, I’ve seen safer mosh pits! So guess what I did i went into one of the halls they had opened up found a corner and slept for an hr in hope that it might subside. All in all not a great time especially after travelling several hours to get there and then queuing for 2 hrs.

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