Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Interview With Producer Kunio Hashimoto


Every year MCM brings some huge names over to their conventions and they don’t come much bigger than Kunio Hashimoto, producer of the new game Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z. Arriving to the interview in a spectacular Goku cosplay, we sat down together to discuss how this game differs from previous DBZ games, the difference in the target audience for the game between Japan and Europe and some of the more challenging aspects of creating their newest title.

Namco Bandai Panel (Kunio Hashimoto)_MG_7734 (1)Laura: Could you start off by introducing yourself?

Hashimoto: My name is Kunio Hashimoto and I am the producer of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z.

Laura: Could you tell us a little about what makes this game different from past Dragon Ball Z games?

Hashimoto: Previous Dragon Ball Z games have been mainly focused on one-on-one battles, but now we’d like to bring a new element into this new game. One of our most exciting new features is that players can now form a team of four people and battle against a variety of opponents. Of course, you can also play with people online, so you can actually match up with up to eight players.

Laura: What sort of challenges does that increased number of players on screen create for you?

Hashimoto: One difficult part that we found quite challenging was working on the camera. Before when it was a one-on-one battle it was… I don’t want to say it was simple, but it was something we had experience with. Now that it’s multiple players in that one stage it’s pretty difficult. We had to decide which portion of the battle we should capture. Those adjustments to where we place the camera and the focus were challenges we had to face during working on this game.

Laura: Were their any complaints made about previous Dragon Ball Z games that you directly tried to fix in this game?

Hashimoto: Of course, we heard lots and lots of feedback about some of the past DBZ games, but as we were trying something so new with this game instead of fixing what was old, we tried to do something that was new with it. The new game looks complex but if you actually play the game it’s not that complex, but it does open more new possibilities now.

Laura: What’s the most rewarding part of getting to work within the Dragon Ball universe for you?

Hashimoto: Now that I get to work with the DBZ franchise and other well known franchises I get lots of chances to meet people overseas. I get lots of opportunities now to come to things like this MCM event and get to meet lots of DBZ fans. My motivation has really gone up since working on DBZ titles.

Laura: Have you ever had any particularly memorable experiences meeting fans at conventions?

Hashimoto: Since getting to come to these events I’ve been able to meet the fans and see what kind of people are playing DBZ. We’re creating the games for them. These are the people that, if we can’t meet their expectations… what kind of comments are we going to get from them? That’s been really scary stuff about meeting fans.

Laura: Do you see any differences between the types of people who enjoy Dragon Ball Z games in Europe and in Japan?

Hashimoto: Particularly for Dragon Ball Z, in Japan the first generation who grew up playing Dragon Ball Z games are now growing up and so their kids are starting to play the games. Their parents are telling them that they used to play DBZ games and helping their kids to play. In Europe it’s kind of different, because of course some of them are growing up and becoming parents, but much of our audience here is late teens or early twenties, it’s a higher target. In Japan it’s more for kids or the younger generations.

Laura: When is the game due out in Europe?

Hashimoto: In Europe it’s due out on 24 January 2014.

Laura: Before you go, would you like to say a message for your European fans?

Hashimoto: Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is the first all new Dragon Ball Z game in over two years and we’ve brought in lots of new features. We’d like players in Europe to wait for 24 January 2014 and please try playing our new Dragon Ball Z game.  


Photo by Kay Ibrahim

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