Movie Release Dates Shifted – Assassin’s Creed and Fantastic Four Reboot Rescheduled


Amidst news that a number of planned movie release dates have been shifted, it’s been announced that 20th Century Fox‘s hotly anticipated Assassin’s Creed film will be hitting cinema screens a little later than previously thought. Now expected to arrive on the 7th August 2015, Assassin’s Creed’s original release date of 19th June has been allocated instead to Fox’s upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, itself moved from an earlier release date in March.

fantastic_four_reboot_poster_by_skinnyglasses-d3f6qb6According to Digital Spy, it’s believed that the scheduling changes may be linked to the revelation that Star Wars Episode VII will be arriving on 18th December 2015, in contrast to previous Star Wars films, which, with the exception of the animated Clone Wars, have all been released in May.

Other films currently known to have been shifted include Roland Emmerich‘s Independence Day 2 and Matthew Vaughan‘s The Secret Service. Moved from an expected release in 2015, Independence Day 2 will not be showing in cinemas until 1st July the following year, almost exactly 20 years after the release of the original Independence Day film. Meanwhile, The Secret Service has been moved on from late 2014 to 6th March 2015.

In addition to these changes, release dates have also been given for Melissa McCarthy‘s Susan Cooper and Jason Reitman‘s Labor Day, which are expected to appear in cinemas in 2015 on 22nd May and 31st January respectively.

Source: Digital Spy


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