Officially Licensed Sailor Moon Bras and Panties from Premium Bandai and Peach John

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Maybe you’re a Sailor Scout and you want to look and feel your best when fighting evil by moonlight, or maybe you just want to take your cosplay to the next step. If so then this might be what you’re looking for.

Following a range of collectables to commemorate Sailor Moon’s 20th anniversary, such as plushies, keychains, figures and a prop Moon Stick, Premium Bandai have now collaborated with the Japanese lingerie company Peach John to produce officially licensed Sailor Moon undergarments and pyjamas.

Firstly there are the Sailor Moon panties, which come in sets of two (black, white and lavender). Made out of cotton and nylon, they come in small, medium and large at a cost of ¥1,800 ($17 / £10).










The Sailor Moon Pattern Bra Set comes in two colours, pink and navy, with a Sailor Moon motif. The bra is made out of polyester and nylon, while the panties are made out of polyester, polyurethane and cotton. One set costs ¥3,980 ($38 / £23).










The Sailor Moon Pyjamas includes a T-shirt (with a silhouette of Luna and Artemis) and shorts. There are two variations – navy and yellow, pink and blue – and they come in small and medium. The T-shirt is made out of polyester and rayon while the shorts are made out of polyester and cotton. One costs ¥4,980 ($48 / £29).








The Sailor Moon (Narikiri) Costume Bra Set includes bra, panties, a removable satin ribbon and choker, as inspired by the characters Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus. The bra is made out of nylon and polyester, with the panties made out of nylon, polyurethane, polyester and cotton. Each one comes at a cost of ¥4,980 ($48 / £29).






They can be purchased at Premium Bandai or Peach John, with pre-orders running for a limited time from 11th to 25th December. Delivery is expected in February 2014. Neither Premium Bandai or Peach John ship outside of Japan, so if you’re really interested then you might have to use a deputy service. 

Unfortunately there are no Tuxedo Mask briefs. 


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