Marceline Gets a Graphic Novel – The Most Goth Adventure Time Story You’ve Never Read


Have you ever found yourself reading Adventure Time and thinking, “You know what this otherwise utterly excellent comic could do with – it could use more Marceline“? Of course you have. Well, now you’ll be pleased to know that everyone’s favourite comic-book vampire queen is getting her own personal graphic novel, written by the super-talented Kate Leth.

Called Seeing Red, the comic will tell the story of Marceline returning home for a family reunion in the Nightosphere in order to retrieve her bass guitar. Only, once there, she discovers that the guitar is missing. Said Leth,

KABOOM_Adventure_Time_v3_OGN“Seeing Red is as Goth an Adventure Time story as they would let me write….I don’t want to tell you too much more, but it’s definitely got a lot to do with parent-child relationships. She also travels along with Jake, so it’s a partnership we haven’t seen much of.”

Having worked on previous Adventure Time comics Marceline and the Scream Queens and Fionna and Cake, as well as making her own webcomics series, Kate or Die, and running the Valkyries, an online network for women who work in comics shops, Leth is pretty well perfect for the job of bringing the half-demon queen to life (or undeath) in a new comic. Illustrating the book will be Zachary Sterling, whom Leth describes as “incredible”:

“He’s shown me a couple little pieces of art from the book, and I get giddy every time. I’m new to writing for someone else to illustrate, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about it – I can be a bit of a control freak!

Luckily, Zack is the very best, and it’s been a total joy. His cover is so metal. I love it.”

Adventure Time: Seeing Red will be available to buy in March 2014. You can read the full interview with Kate Leth about the comic on Newsarama.

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