“Doctor Who Will be a Different Show,” says Jenna Coleman

imagesCA5KE5ZPWhen it was announced that Peter Capaldi was to become the new Doctor, there was little doubt in anyone’s mind that things in the TARDIS were going to change dramatically. Jenna Coleman, who plays companion Clara Oswald, claimed that Doctor Who was indeed going to be “a different show” and that Capaldi will “take the show in a new (interesting) direction.”

“He’s going to be so different to Matt [Smith],” Coleman hinted. “It will be a different show next year. We have a bit of a gap before we start filming the new series, so I have time to get my head around it all…Me and Peter will get together before Christmas to start rehearsing and the scripts will start coming in.”

Matt Smith also commented on Capaldi’s appointment saying, “I think he’s just going to be incredible…he has the most brilliant ideas. As a fan, I’m genuinely excited to see what he’s going to do because I think he’s going to do something extraordinary.”

However, despite this some fans are not so confident and some have expressed concern for younger viewers perception of the new Doctor, most of whom know little of the series and the Doctor’s character before his ninth incarnation, played by Christopher Eccleston. The majority of fans have welcomed the U-turn in casting and believe it takes the character back to his roots as the grandfather figure he was back in 1963 when William Hartnell was in the role, who incidentally, was the same age as Peter Capaldi at the time.

untitled capIt wasn’t until 1975 that the Doctor’s role really began to change when ‘youngster’ Tom Baker was cast at the age of 40. Tom Baker’s incarnation took the character from being the grandfather of the TARDIS to one of an uncle, which changed the series beyond recognition paving the way for fifth Doctor Peter Davidson in 1982, who took on the role at the tender age of 30. It was during this period of Doctor Who that the relationship between the Doctor and his companions began to resemble the one we recognise today; the fifth Doctor saw his companions as equals as opposed to taking a more authoritative position.

When the show returned to our screens in 2005 it brought with it a TARDIS full of new elements. The special effects were appropriately named for the first time, the Daleks’ master plans were longer scuppered by stairs and Doctor Who had became ‘sexy’. The Doctor in turn became just that too – with David Tennant being voted as ‘Sexist Man Alive in 2013 and 2014 – and more than just a friend to some of his companions. This in turn gained a new fanbase giving the series a new image. However it has to be said, it’s one that Capaldi doesn’t automatically fit into. Capaldi’s Doctor will certainly change the dynamics of the show, particularly in terms of fandom and while the classic fans have welcomed the change, it may take a little longer for some of the younger fans to get used to a more mature Doctor.

Peter Capaldi will make his debut in The Time of the Doctor which airs on BBC 1 on Christmas Day at 7.30pm.


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