Death Note Musical to hit Japan and South Korea in 2015

Death Note the Musical

So how many of you viewed the Death Note anime and thought, ‘Hey, this could do with a musical number about heart attacks.’

Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata’s phenomenal manga has already seen an anime series and three live action films. With a US film adaptation currently in the works, it would seem that the next logical step is obviously a musical.

The stage production will be directed by Tamiya Kuriyama, from a script by Ivan Menchell, who wrote the musicals Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Bonnie & Clyde. The production will be scored by composer Frank Wildhorn, who wrote the score for the Jekyll & Hyde, The Count of Monte Cristo, Bonnie & Clyde and Wonderland musicals. Jack Murphy will be writing the lyrics; with Wildhorn and Murphy having worked on musicals before (including The Count of Monte Cristo).

The manga told the story of Light Yagami, a student who picks up a notebook dropped by a Shinigami (death god). The notebook has the power to bring about the death of any human whose name is written in it.

Death Note the Musical will run in Japan from April 2015 at Tokyo’s Nissay Theatre. It will then play in South Korea from July and August of 2015 at Seoul’s LG Art Center. 

There is currently no cast, nor any indication of what kind of songs there will be… though the possibility of Shinigami Ryuk singing a song about apples or humans being a riot would be pretty cool.


Sources: ANN | Narinari

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