MCM Buzz Writers Awards 2013



With a new year looming and 2013 being an eventful year full of sequels, spin offs, exciting debuts and more, we asked our writers here at MCM Buzz to come up with their choices for the MCM Buzz Writers Awards 2013.

Each award was suggested by the writers and then put to the team as a whole to nominate and vote for whom they thought deserved the award the most.

Below then are the results and why each winner/s deserved their win.

Best TV Show: Tie – Game of Thrones/Breaking Bad

Game of ThronesDavid Bedwell: It’s no surprise that two of the most talked about shows online have come out on top. Game of Thrones reached a height of controversy and shock that it never had before, while Breaking Bad came to an emotional and final conclusion. Both shows dealt with the loss of characters we all loved, from the Red Wedding to the end of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman’s journey. Both shows are representative of the high quality we have come to expect from TV in this day and age – strong writing, the best acting, and a visual that can compete with the big screen. They are very different entities, with Game of Thrones being on an immense scale and Breaking Bad offering a more personal touch, but both deserve all the plaudits and attention they have received.

While it was very sad to see Breaking Bad go, it had a chance that many shows do not – to go out on top and wrap up the story in a satisfactory fashion. All too often we see our favourites cancelled without a second thought, yet this was one story that deserved a true ending, and it ended up as one that can stand up there with the best in history. Game of Thrones on the other hand proved itself to be brutal and surprising, showing that no characters are safe. While Sean Bean’s death in Season 1 was a bold move, it’s not like he hasn’t died 1000 times before, so the Red Wedding was all the more earth-shattering for who it involved.

What the popularity of these shows demonstrates is that audiences appreciate good, solid scripts and shows that surprise them. If you can avoid having them spoiled (which is getting more difficult these days) then there are episodes out there that can shock you, and that is the best way to watch TV. Some say that shows like Lost made people give up on continuous dramas with twists and turns, but that’s not the case. They just need to know when to give good pay-offs, and Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad are amongst the best for doing this. So we say goodbye and thank you to all involved in the story of Heisenberg and company, and we look forward to the spin-off Better Call Saul next year. And as for Game of Thrones, who knows what will happen next season! We can’t wait.

Best New TV Show: Hannibal

David Bedwell: A TV show adapted from a movie/book? How original. That was certainly how a lot of people felt when the idea first came up. Did we really need a TV version of a story that was done so well in the movies with Anthony Hopkins? Who would be crazy enough to touch an iconic award winning role as Dr. Hannibal Lecter? Step up Mads Mikkelsen. Perhaps best known worldwide as the villain from Casino Royale, Mikkelsen beat our own David Tennant to the role, so that alone speaks volumes about the quality. As soon as the first episode aired, all worries were gone. Alongside our titular character, Hugh Dancy stars as Will Graham and Laurence Fishburne as Jack Crawford, both involved in the FBI and looking into crimes.


Hannibal manages to be both subtle and brutal in equal measures. Mikkelsen is able to underplay the character in such a way that it’s believable no one would suspect him, yet he has a dangerous and dark side that is clear to see when he wants you to. Dancy has to play Graham in a clever and distracted fashion, and delivers one of the best performances all season. Both men work so well together that they could be the only two on the show and it would still be an amazing ride. Fishburne gives an authority to the piece and acts as an anchor of sorts to the madness around him.

With guest stars such as Gillian Anderson, Gina Torres and Eddie Izzard, there’s a plethora of talent on board, and this truly raises the game of Bryan Fuller (creator) as he has such incredible actors to work with. Fuller offers a visual style like no other, showing Graham’s mental state as something the audience can really get inside of, and also making the murders seem so visceral and disturbing that you truly feel the despair and pain. Hannibal is a dark and emotional ride, and the TV format offers a far greater character development than the movies ever could. Let’s hope Fuller’s seven year plan gets fulfilled as this isn’t a show we want to let go anytime soon.

Best Film: Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck It Ralph

David Bedwell: Start with Disney, add talent like John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman, and sprinkle numerous video game references and it sounds like you’ve got a recipe for success, right? Thankfully Wreck-It Ralph ended up as heartfelt and enjoyable as everyone hoped it would. Disney has certainly picked up the quality of their movies over the last few years after a few misfires, and Ralph represents all the best things we have come to expect from the House of the Mouse.

Beyond all the usual charm and emotion that Disney delivers, Wreck-It Ralph provides something a little extra for video game fans. Sure, there’s the more famous icons of gaming like Sonic The Hedgehog, but there are plenty of classic characters scattered throughout the movie and little ‘easter eggs’ for eager eyes to spot. This gives Ralph a multi-layered feel, where both the casual audience and the more hardcore fans can get enjoyment from it.

As Ralph, the ‘villain’ of the piece, Reilly delivers a believable and earnest performance, and the chemistry he has with Silverman (playing young girl Vanellope in another game) is a sight to behold. Other characters we meet include Fix-It Felix Jr (30 Rock’s Jack McBrayer) and Sergeant Calhoun (Glee’s Jane Lynch), and this great range of personalities make Wreck-It Ralph a tale to remember. Whether a sequel is coming or not remains to be seen, but it’s a universe that is ripe for the picking, and the possibilities are endless. We would certainly love to return back to catch up with Ralph and his friends, especially Q*bert!

Best Geeky Moments of 2013

The team were tied here and so this category was won by the following three moments.

The Announcement of doctor_who_12___peter_capaldi_by_drksde-d6gmgf5-630x472Peter Capaldi as the New Doctor

Heather Kincaid: Having managed to keep the big news hushed up for an excruciatingly long time, Peter Capaldi emerged as the new Doctor back in August before hundreds of astonished BBC viewers, waiting with baited breath across the country. There had been rumours, of course, but Capaldi’s announcement as the twelfth (or perhaps thirteenth?) Doctor was the news that most of us hadn’t dared hope for. Based on New Who trends, another young, up-and-coming actor of the Matt Smith ilk seemed most likely to take on the mantle of Britain’s favourite sci-fi hero. What we got was exactly the opposite.

Though little known internationally, within the UK, Capaldi has a well-earned reputation as one of the country’s finest actors, most recently cemented by his roles as polar opposites Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It and Randall Brown in The Hour. It was a casting decision that seemed to hark back to the very beginnings of Classic Who, the Doctor’s first few incarnations having been played by already successful character actors: an appropriate return-to-roots, then, in this the series’ 50th year. Though it’s been met with some negativity by those hoping for another Tennant-esque romantic lead, for the majority of fans at least, to have such talent on side felt like a triumphant – some might even say champagne-worthy – moment for British geekdom. Yes really.

The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

Heather Kincaid: First, TARDISes and aliens started cropping up around the country and across the internet. Then, three Classic Doctors were spotted protesting their exclusion from the anniversary special outside London’s iconic Television Centre. As the date of the special itself approached, BBC TV and the internet both turned Doctor Who crazy, cramming in everything from Who-themed talk shows to a lovingly-crafted docu-drama about the show’s conception and infancy. And then there were the unexpectedly brilliant, online-only, backstory-building minisodes.

Day of the Doctor

For the second time this year, the brains behind Doctor Who managed to shake us all with another unexpected appearance. This time, however, it was a more familiar face: the dashing eighth Doctor Paul McGann stepped up, knowingly announcing himself as “The Doctor….but probably not the one you were expecting.” There were more surprises yet to come, as the Night of the Doctor went on explain Eight’s regeneration into – well, the not-exactly-ninth Doctor, John Hurt.

In the last few days before the show, Tom Baker announced his involvement in the special, apparently entirely against BBC instructions, before going on to deny the claim outright. Then came an explanation for the earlier Classic Doctors protest in the form of Peter Davison’s hilarious Five(ish) Doctors Reboot. By the time we finally reached The Day of the Doctor itself, fans had been well and truly primed for the event. Gathered around the telly and tucking into an obligatory fish fingers and custard feast, the most amazing part was yet to come: even after such an extensive and almost overwhelming hype, the special itself didn’t for a moment disappoint. Billie Piper wasn’t playing who we’d thought she would be, and new characters Kate Stewart and Osgood were superb. Together, Tennant and Smith were a wonderfully witty, energetic double act, perfectly off-set by the show’s true, brooding antihero, John Hurt, who was every bit as utterly magnificent as could have been hoped. In true wibbly wobbly style, the special’s story changed the course of Doctor Who history, past, present and future, opening up all kinds of interesting possibilities for the show. And yes, Tom Baker did put in an appearance.

The Announcement of Batman vs. Superman

Heather Kincaid: The snowballing success of superhero film franchises reached it’s zenith in 2012 with Marvel’s The Avengers movie, the unprecedented popularity of which pushed the genre well and truly into the mainstream. When DC’s original comic-book superhero made a welcome return to cinema screens earlier this year, it was clear that it was only a matter of time before the DC would respond to Marvel’s achievement with a mash-up movie of its own. The announcement of the still as-yet unofficially titled Batman vs. Superman might not have defied any expectations, but it was still a hugely exciting moment for superhero fans around the world. Initially, the two sort-of title characters were the only ones confirmed for the film, and quite enough in their own right to make its release a hotly anticipated event, but before long, the additional casting of Wonder Woman suggested that this was to be essentially a Justice League of America film, in spirit, even if not in name.

Interestingly, Doctor Who wasn’t the only major geek franchise to be celebrating an important birthday this year. In typical Clark Kent fashion, Superman kept relatively quiet about his amazing achievement in reaching the ripe old age of 75 this year: a perfect year, then, to enjoy one brilliant Superman film in Man of Steel, and to be looking forward to another.

Best Soundtrack

This category saw another three way between the following soundtracks.

Gravity by Stephen Price

Gravity1Robert Fretwell: Gravity has been an incredible success with viewers and critics alike, praised for its ability to entirely immerse the audience and its treatment of the harshest environment known to mankind, space. Of course the incredible direction and cinematography, the on-screen talent, the stunning effects and state of the art filming techniques are a huge part of it, but the emotional soundtrack ties it all together perfectly and sets the surprisingly tender tone for such a tense thrill-ride.

At the helm of the soundtrack for Alfonso Cuaron’s ground breaking space adventure was composer Stephen Price (The World’s End), and his sublime understanding of the minimal is what really drives the score. The rich and often deeply dramatic score is constantly surfacing from the abyss of space, only to be snatched away at a moments notice. The whole experience really brings to the foreground just how alone Sandra Bullock’s Dr. Ryan Stone truly is, and yet manages to balance it well enough to keep the right pacing and also give the action sequences enormous punch.

From the serene and subtle beginnings of ‘Above Earth’ to the imposing and dizzying feel captured in ‘Parachute’ as violins scrape together frantically, the soundtrack captures both the wonderful and terrifying aspects of space. The stand out song in the album comes in the form of ‘Shenzou’, an unbelievably triumphant and beautiful song to accompany one of the most striking endings in cinema this year. Price has succeeded in creating a brilliantly clever score to accompany an equally clever film, and the subsequent product is a soundtrack that can inspire, motivate, relax and excite listeners simultaneously. 

Zack Snyder – Man of Steel

The Great Gatsby – Various

Best Book: The Ocean at the End of the Lane – Neil Gaiman

Nick Collins: My home town of Portsmouth has throughout history been the home of many of this country’s most gifted and beloved writers. From Charles Dickens to Rudyard Kipling, not to mention a young doctor Doyle, who later became known as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, all legends in the literary world.

But what many people don’t know, is that one of the world’s best loved living authors, Neil Gaiman, is also from Portsmouth, and earlier this year, he returned home to the south coast city, where they were celebrating the release of his new book The Ocean At The End Of The Land, by naming a small lane that coincidentally leads to the Ocean after the book.

boko-the-ocean-at-the-end-of-the-lane-neil-gaimanAfter the, ceremony, which I was lucky enough to be a part of, I was able to grab a few words with the man himself, where he spoke about all things Doctor Who and of course The Ocean At The End Of The Lane, but for now, we’ll stick to the book.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane began life as a short story, that Neil intended to write and send to his beloved wife, who was away recording in Australia, but as he wrote and wrote, the word count grew, and what first began as a short story, soon became a novelette, a novella and then eventually a wonderful novel that gives a beautiful perspective of childhood and wonder which we all once experienced.

Filled with honesty, love, and a handful of a seven year old Neil, the book is not just of darkness, fear and fantasy, but survival, love and family. It has the power to transport you back to those days when everything seemed magical, mystical and a little bit scary.

The story is seen through the eyes of a resourceful and determined seven year old, whose world is turned upside down when the family lodger steals their car, and commits suicide in it, awakening dark and deadly beasties, not of this world.

Living on a farm at the end of the lane are the Hempstock women, old Mrs Hempstock, who claims to remember the big bang, Ginnie, and the youngest Lettie who claims that her duck pond is in fact an ocean. With only the Hempstocks to aid him our young hero is forced to face darkness, despair, and his own mortality, as he enters the ocean at the end of the lane.

At first I wasn’t sure if this was a book for adults or children, but when you look back it becomes clear that it is more for those who get to remember childhood, rather than those who are currently experiencing it.

I love this book, it both arouses and satisfies as fantasy, adventure, and childhood, whilst sparking a host of memories from our past, when everything seemed wondrous and awe inspiring, and we didn’t tell our parents everything.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane once again proves that Neil Gaiman is without doubt one on the world’s greatest living storytellers, and is a deserved winner of MCM Buzz’s best novel of 2013.

Other Catagories:

Best New Anime: Pokémon Origins

Pokemon OriginsRobert Fretwell: In the lead up to Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, there were many surprises and changes, from Pokémon Bank to Mega Evolutions , but one that struck a nostalgic chord in all long-time fans of the series was the announcement of Pokémon Origins. It was a welcome comfort to see something that captured the brilliance of the very first games back in 1996 (Japan release) and 1998 for North America. 

From the opening screen that begins each episode, it is truly wonderful to experience the original games in a new format, and this time around it is incredibly faithful to the original games. The real achievement of the series, however, is not simply revisiting the story beloved by so many, but in reinvigorating it and providing an experience that is both reminiscent for old fans and accessible for newer Pokéfans. The soundtrack re-imagines that of the original, which still remains as one of the best and most memorable soundtracks in the history of videogames. The animation in the show feels like that of the original series, adopting a very similar style yet with smoother animation and updated character looks for Brock, Misty and others who feature in both. The battle sequences are great, with rapid pacing and a focus on how much Red cares about his Pokémon and how this is what really matters; after all, that affection is the reason behind Pokémon’s charm.

The series does a great job at bringing to life the story arcs that were present in the original game. One of the best instances of this is encountering the ghost of the mother Marowak in Lavender Town, which is a reminder of the compelling stories that can be found in the first games. The attention to detail is great as well, whether it’s the stars that shoot from a pokéball when a Pokémon is caught or the use of the bike, there are tons of little nods to the games that really demonstrate that Pokémon Origins is an inspiring labour of love. And it’s also our Best Anime Series of 2013.

Best Video Game: The Last of Us

The Last of UsRobert Fretwell: Naughty Dog’s earth-shattering, game-changing, character driven masterpiece is an exciting sign of things to come in the videogame medium. Set twenty years into a post-apocalyptic America, hardened survivor Joel escorts the smart young Ellie across a country devastated by a deadly pandemic. What remains is an equally sinister and beautiful landscape, filled with lush greenery, shattered buildings and people just trying to stay alive in the treacherous world they have found themselves in.

Joel and Ellie are seamlessly brought to life through motion capture and incredible voice acting from the hyper-talented Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson. Their chemistry together is sublime, and the complicated but tender relationship between the two in such a harsh world helps to create one of the most intimate gaming experiences that has ever been experienced. In fact every single character is fleshed out, whether it is Joel’s brother Tommy or his partner-in-arms Tess, everybody featured in The Last of Us feels three dimensional, which is no easy task when a game is set in such an alien world.

The gameplay is exactly what it needs to be, immersive, responsive, fast-paced in combat sequences and tense as hell when you have to sneak past those pesky clickers. Weapon customisation is excellent and the ability to craft weapons like shivs becomes as much a part of Joel’s survival as his beating heart. The enemy AI are on form for the most part, which makes for a challenging game, but for those willing to take it to the next level there is a new game plus mode, and multiple replays allow you to keep your upgrades from the last run. The visuals are stunning, the gameplay is engaging and the story is compelling, tense and leaves you feeling in a way no other game has ever done before. There is not a lot this game can’t do, and for us at MCM Buzz, it is the indisputable game of the year. 

Most Disappointing Video Game: Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don’t Know

adventure_time_explore_the_dungeon_headerEmma Ellinson: Adventure Time takes place in the land of Ooo, somewhere filled with exciting possibilities, ancient myths, cool characters and legendary weapons. It’s just a shame that this game didn’t make good use of ANY of them. If you just stop to think of the amazing things that happen in Adventure Time it just seems the perfect candidate for a video game adaptation and while we can still hold hope that it will happen someday, for now we’re stuck with this major disappointment.

For some strange reason the makers here decided to not use any of the exciting locations from the show but instead a monotonous dungeon that barely changes from level to level. The aim is to beat up monsters and progress through the levels only to be treated with more of the same.

Even worse the game punishes you too harshly for dying, forcing you to replay a silly number of levels if you die. You have to spend your cash when you return to the hub and it gets taken from you when you choose to continue (making it annoyingly difficult to build up your treasure). And any rewards feel too small and too few to be worth it.

Best Console: Nintendo 3DS/ 2DS

Nintendo 3DS boxHeather Kincaid: Ever since the release of the first GameBoy and its Game Link Cable back in 1989, Nintendo has always been at the cutting edge of handheld gaming technology, and the 3DS is no exception to this. The link cable opened up all kinds of new possibilities for multiplayer gaming, but who could have anticipated where those possibilities would lead us almost 25 years later?

Much more than simply a gaming device, the Nintendo 3DS has followed the pattern set by other kinds of mobile technology, and now includes such features as messaging systems, a camera, the ability to download games, patches and updates directly from the internet, and even a microphone, allowing for Skype-like conversations within games. Alongside the Wii and Wii U, it’s been instrumental in attracting new and often unlikely gamers for a variety of reasons. Not only is it easy to use and excellent at encouraging collective and collaborative gameplay, it also offers a huge variety of games, designed to appeal to diverse tastes and ages, from familiar platforms, RPGs and shooters to totally innovative new puzzle games. Like the Wii and Wii U, the 3DS features a Mii generator, where users can create interactive avatars for themselves and their friends and families. Using the in-built camera, you can even take photographs and see your own face feature in certain games.

The superior visuals of the 3DS have added a whole new dimension to many well established series, while enabling new titles to rival those released on PCs and home TV consoles. Of course, not everyone gets on with the 3D perspective, which is where the 2DS comes in, enabling gamers to save themselves some cash by not paying for an unused feature, an interesting idea which has enabled Nintendo to reach out to even more people than it might have done otherwise.

But in spite of everything shiny and new the 3DS and 2DS have to offer, it’s interesting to note that it’s often still old favourites that prove the most successful. Titles featuring the likes of Zelda, Mario, Luigi, Pokémon, Donkey Kong and more recently the critters from the Animal Crossing series always do well, since these familiar characters gradually grow up alongside generations of gamers, altering their appearance, venturing out into new worlds and learning to use new technologies together with their real-world players. It’s exciting for fans to see how these characters and their stories develop, but for all the changes, in essence they’ve remained the same. It’s largely this that accounts for their continued appeal: players have a good idea of what they’re getting while still encountering plenty of surprises, and have a chance to reminisce while enjoying a whole new gaming experience. Perhaps nothing represents this better than the upcoming NES Remix package, announced last week via the Nintendo Direct conference. NES Remix will feature good old-fashioned NES games with a range of contemporary twists. When it comes down to it, this is perhaps where Nintendo’s greatest talent truly lies: in creating iconic worlds and characters that stay with us for life. 

Best K-pop/J-rock Album (Male): Three way tie between Vixx – Voodoo, Infinite – Destiny and G-Dragon: Coup D’etat 



Kpopkimi: With the release of their first full album, VIXX found themselves reaching their first #1 spot on the charts in Korea, winning the hearts of many whilst throwing out some dark and creepy videos keeping consistent to their previous storylines. During 2013 VIXX also embarked on their “Milky Way World Tour” showing their growth as K-pop idols. The released music video had to have a “Clean” version created, as the authorities in Korea deemed the original too gruesome. Maybe you can be the judge of that!?



Kpopkimi: Whilst traveling around on their “One Great Step” world tour, Infinite released their second single album “Destiny”. They managed to reach an All-Kill and sweep the charts at the #1 spot. With a mix of their powerful dancing abilities and their amazing vocals the boys pushed harder to see their international fans, and put on shows that will not be forgotten. The video features the sets of the big hit movies “Transformers” and was one of the most expensive music videos in K-pop during 2013!



Kpopkimi: Being the second studio album from G-Dragon there was a lot of anticipation for what shocking new tunes GD would give his fans, and it was definitely worth the wait. Including collaborations from big names such as Missy Elliot, Diplo, Baauer, Boys Noize, Sky Ferraria, Zion T. Lydia Paek and Jennie Kim. Although controversy was a pushing point for his album, GD managed to show there was a difference between the person on stage, and the person behind the microphone, and produced one of the best albums of 2013.

Best K-pop/J-rock Album (Female): T-ara – Again 1977

T-ARA – Again 1977

t-ara_again_1977 (3)

Kpopkimi: Although this is technically a repackaged album of T-ara’s, the guys at MCMBuzz deem this album to be the best one with the addition of two new songs, one being the remake of “Do You Know Me” which was originally sung by Sand Pebbles in 1977 and titled “What Do I Do”. When the album was released their single release “Number Nine” went straight to #1. With their seductive and gripping music we have grown accustomed to T-ara grasping the hearts of fans all around the world.

Best Live Event (Non Convention): Two way tie between K-pop: Super Junior Super Show 5 London concert and the Rocky Horror Anniversary Tour

Super Junior “Super Show 5 London” Concert


Kpopkimi: Super Junior have been in the K-Pop entertainment industry for eight years, and through that time they have gained fans of all ages from all around the world. By embarking on a world tour, the boys decided to hold a stop in the famous city of London and give European fans a chance to get up close and personal with them. The concert over ran by 40 minutes, due to the fact the boys did not want to say goodbye, and the party atmosphere inside the concert hall was electric! This concert was one of those “Not To Be Missed” moments, and if you did, be sure to catch the boys when they set out on their new world tour! Whilst in london members Donghae and Eunhyuk traveled around London and recorded the music video to their new single “Still You”.

Daniel Bryan (WWE)Best Wrestler: Daniel Bryan

Stewart Sutherland: Yes! Yes! Yes! Daniel Bryan is voted our wrestling personality of the year. His contributions to geek culture may pale in comparison to fellow nominee CM Punk, but 2013 was clearly the year of Daniel Bryan.

He started this year as one half of the Tag Team Champions; Team Hell No tagging with Kane. But their bromance ended in May upon losing the title to rival team; The Shield. Bryan continued on his own path and soon found himself in the main event scene grappling against WWE poster boy – John Cena. The pair stole the show at the SummerSlam leading to Bryan’s first WWE Championship. His title reign only lasted a matter of moments as he lost the belt to Randy Orton in a cruel twist of fate.

His feud with Orton continued for months with the crowd audibly in Bryan’s corner. Bryan managed two stints as WWE Champion within this time. Since then he proposed to his fiancé – WWE Diva and Total Divas! Star Brie Bella.

Earlier this month WWE held the annual Slammy Awards Ceremony where he walked away with five awards including Superstar of the Year, beating John Cena, CM Punk and former UFC Champion Brock Lesnar.

Best (Ongoing/One shot) Comic: Sex Criminals by Matt Fraction

Sex Criminals #1 (Matt Fraction)Emma Ellinson: Matt Fraction is one of Marvel’s best writers, creating satisfying storylines and fun dialogue. Lately he’s been building quite the fan-base with his Hawkeye series where people are getting to see the Avenger from a fresh perspective. (There’s just something amusing about seeing a man in pyjamas whilst holding a bow and arrow).

But Fraction’s latest series involves a minor step away from Marvel and into Image Comics. If the name “Sex Criminals” didn’t give it away that this one’s not for kids then the blatant warning on the back will.

“For mature readers. Duh. There’s, like, an entire scene that takes place in a sex shoppe.”

Sex Criminals is an unusual series that’s based on what happens when the main character reaches climax. You see, while some people might metaphorically “see stars”, what she sees is actually happening. For a while the whole world is frozen, allowing her to do as she pleases until the effect wears off.

It’s very rewarding to read something that can talk about sex in such an open, honest and humorous way. It’s not something to be ashamed of and the characters Jon and Suzie truly embrace it along with their special powers.

The result is a mature and hilarious comic that promises to take the reader on a fun ride. The series is only three issues in so you’ve got plenty of time to jump in and catch up before issue four arrives in January.

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