Adapt All the Gaiman – American Gods & Anansi Boys Coming to a TV Near You


Earlier this month, an adaptation of Neil Gaiman‘s acclaimed fantasy novel American Gods was picked up by FremantleMedia, having been previously dropped from development by HBO for reasons unknown. News has also emerged that Anansi Boys – American Gods’ sort-of-sequel-but-not is also being made into a BBC mini-series by RED Productions.

It was three months ago that HBO dropped American Gods. FremantleMedia, known mainly for entertainment shows like Britain’s Got Talent, The X Factor and Take Me Out, might on first glance seem like an odd company to take on the project. Yet sci-fi and fantasy drama aren’t wholly alien (pun definitely intended) to Fremantle, which has also had a hand in the likes of Merlin, The Tomorrow People and Wizards vs Aliens. Deadline reports that Neil Gaiman will be executive producing the series, so fans can rest assured that the adaptation will be faithful enough to satisfy its original auteur. Given his experience, it would seem pretty crazy for him not to also be involved in the scriptwriting somehow, though according to the writer’s own website, all of that has yet to be decided:

5033377160_1bfcac8016“As to where you will be able to see it, who is going to be in it, who will be writing or show-running, none of these things have yet been settled. But it already looks like it’s going to be a smoother run developing it than it had at HBO, so I am very pleased.”

RED Productions, meanwhile, have mostly made their name on original British drama of the non-fantastical variety. Their experience with gritty, edgy stories and their dark sense of humour, though, will definitely suit a Neil Gaiman adaptation down to the ground. From a nerd links perspective, you may be interested to know that RED produced three pre-Doctor Who, Russell T. Davies series: Queer as Folk, Bob & Rose and The Second Coming.

Neil, of course, is as “thrilled” at the news as anyone. He believes that “Freemantle has the harder task, as they are going to have to open up American Gods into something bigger than the book,” while, “Red are just going to have to make an absolutely brilliant faithful version of Anansi Boys.” 

No hints on casting for either series yet, though Gaiman fans can probably think of a few people who’d be excellent choices (*cough*Idris Elba*cough*). It’ll be interesting to see whether there’ll be any possibility of casting continuity for Mr Nancy, in spite of the shows being made by two different companies. But aside from Christina Hendricks, who actually has to be Easter, who else can you see playing a god in one of these series?

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