Will Glee have to be renamed in the UK?

Glee Season 5 Promo courtesy of 20th Century Fox TVLast Friday, 20th Century Fox TV suffered a bit of a kick to the gut when it lost a legal battle with a comedy club owner over the rights to use the name Glee in the UK.

The case was taken to court by Comic Enterprises who own four clubs in the UK called, “The Glee Club”. The company claim that due to the show using the same name there has been some confusion about their club being linked to the show. Whilst a UK judge dismissed the claims that this linkage had caused harm, he did rule that some infringement and tarnishment had taken place.

The series currently airs on Sky at the moment and is due to end next season, meaning that this decision will not cause any issues until the show enters re-runs. However it does pose an interesting question as to what 20th Century Fox will rename the show to and how it will also affect things such as future DVD, Blu-ray and even CD releases. For now though 20th Century Fox TV have begun the process to appeal against the ruling, meaning that we could be waiting for at least a year for the absolute final word on this case.

What do you think the name should be changed to in the UK if this decision is not reversed by the appeal courts? Let us know in the comments below. 

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