Sequels are Awesome! Second Lego Movie Gets a Release Date


Apparently not ones to hang around when they’ve got a good thing going, Warner Bros. have already announced a planned sequel to their immensely popular Lego Movie, even as the first film’s box office triumph continues. The sequel is scheduled for release on 26 May 2017.

In just under two weeks, The Lego Movie has brought in over $200 million, generating a profit of $140 million. As The Hollywood Reporter notes, this could be a “crucial turning point” for the studios, marking their first major success in the realm of animated feature films. So far, very little is known about the upcoming sequel, except that the first film’s producers, Dan Lin and Roy Lee, will be returning for the project.

LEGO-Ninjago-Masters-of-Spinjitzu-post-3Lin and Lee are also currently working on a Ninjago spin-off movie, along with Lego Movie directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller. The Ninjago film will be directed by Charlie Bean (Tron: Uprising), and has a script already drafted up by Dan and Kevin Hageman, writers of Cartoon Network’s Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu series. Said Dan Hageman,

“The success of The Lego Movie is great, but it’s also a burden and a curse. It set the bar really high for the franchise.”

While Ninjago is viewed by some as a “boy-friendly property”, which could be “a riskier proposition than Lego Movie”, this could on the other hand encourage more of a focus on female characters in the main sequel. If it’s set to pick up where the first movie left off, we already know that Finn‘s (Jadon Sand) younger sister will have a part to play, and it’s possible that her choice of minifigs may result in a female protagonist and/or villain. Even The Mary Sue‘s wishes for more Wonder Woman screen-time may yet come true…

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