Minecraft Movie bought by Warner Bros.


Warner Bros. have acquired the rights to make a live action film based on the wildly popular sandbox indie game Minecraft. One of the most popular video games properties on the planet, Minecraft gives players the ability to do everything, from cautiously treking through caves being stalked by zombies, to making a mansion out of blocks of sand with your buddies – the creativity of the game is limitless.

Deadline confirmed that The Lego Movie producer Roy Lee is set to produce the film with his Vertigo Entertainment production company along with Hot Rod producer Jill Messick.

So there we have it, the details are brief! A lot of people will likely be hesitant towards the story of Minecraft. Why? Because the story of Minecraft is, make your own story! It’s exactly like the choose your own adventure books that you used borrow from the library and never return! 

Following the news breaking last night, you can imagine the amount of rabid fans taking to Twitter to see what Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson had to stay about it. Notch tweeted:

Promptly followed by the retweet;

Well played internet, very well played.

Source: Deadline | Markus Persson’s Twitter

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