Bring Down the King! New Zealand Erects a King Joffrey Statue

bring down the king

The latest Game of Thrones publicity stunt has seen a genuine King Joffrey statue erected in a town square in Auckland, New Zealand

KingJoffreyStatueLess a pro-Joffrey statement than an opportunity for viewers to vent their anti-Lannister rage, however, it seems the statue has gone up for the sole purpose of being dragged right back down again: a “Down With Joffrey” Twitter account has simultaneously emerged, with Game of Thrones fans invited to “Tweet him down” using the hashtag #bringdowntheking

In keeping with the show’s pseudo-medieval setting, the statue is destined to meet its end with an old fashioned winch and rope. The more people respond, the more the rope will be tugged, and the quicker King Joffrey will be brought to his inevitable destruction. You can actually watch footage of the progress live from New Zealand from multiple angles via Sky TV‘s Bring Down the King website.

Statue-smashing, of course, goes back quite some way, with Percy Shelley’s Ozymandias tending to make the rounds whenever a real tyrant is toppled. In this media-saturated age of viral video, it’s going to be difficult not to see reflected glimpses of things like Saddam Hussein’s downfall, or more recently, the destruction of Kiev’s Lenin monument, when Joffrey finally hits the dust. Given this raw context, it may at first be a little jarring to witness this kind of response to a fictional character. Looking deeper, however, it would be naive to think that these uncomfortable contemporary resonances are in any way thoughtless or accidental. 

It’s well-established that Game of Thrones derives most of its drama and intrigue from its intelligent portrayal of medieval court politics, but whether its plots continue to have much currency in today’s world is probably less often considered. 

Will you be tweeting to “Bring Down the King”? Let us know your thoughts.

Source: The Mary Sue

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