Teen Top “High Kick” Paris In European Tour


Travelling from New York, L.A, San Jose, Toronto then crossing the waters into Europe starting from Moscow, Budapest and ending in Paris, the Teen Top boys have been moving around non-stop hosting their worldwide tour “High Kick“. MCM Buzz were invited to see the boys performing in Paris and saw how much they had grown not only through their music, but as individuals as well.

The weather in Paris was colder in the mornings but by midday to midnight it was warm with a cool breeze, making it the perfect weather for queuing. The concert was being held in The Bataclan a venue just off the Bastille Metro stop. The surrounding area was slightly surprising as it was filled with eateries, cafés, game shops and a couple of shops housing anime, manga and K-pop goods. It was like walking out into Leicester Square, but instead this was in Paris. It was beautiful and felt like a home away from home. After scouting the area it was time to head towards the venue. Three hours before the concert was to start there was already a queue of around 400+ people all excitedly waiting in the line, adorned by banners, hand made signs and headbands dedicated to their favourite member. What was also nice to see was that it wasn’t just the youngsters who were in attendance, there were older people there too. Whether or not they were there for their under-aged child, they all seemed to be enjoying the atmosphere.


It was obvious that Teen Top coming back to Paris was a huge thing. There was an unimaginable amount of French press at the event, even a few TV crews filming and messing around with the fans which also added to the atmosphere. When the doors opened there was a different sense to how fans react to those in the UK. There was no running, no screaming and no pushing. At one point I was so shocked at how calm people were being that I had to remind myself that I was at a K-pop concert. Once we were seated and positioned it gave me a chance to look around. The venue on the outside looks like a small warehouse placed in front of an elaborate shop, but once inside the venue was on par with the Apollo. Old architecture and great viewing points from both up in the balcony and around the second floor. When all of the fans had filed in it was time for the show to begin, the lights went out and screams erupted. The only light available at that moment was a sea of purple flashing light sticks which were support merchandise being sold at the event. In the past when Teen Top held their first European tour, they held the record for the loudest decibel reading in their venue, and being amongst the crowd this time I could see why. The screams were so loud that the hairs on my neck stood on end, it was an incredible sensation and experience.


Those screams became even louder as Niel, C.A.P, Ricky, Changjo, Chunji, and L.Joe entered on to the stage. As per usual the stage lighting and big LCD screens played a huge part in the concert and really over-exaggerated all of their performances, making for a huge party vibe. From the very beginning of their performance to the very end of the concert, Teen Top gave it their all. They looked completely worn out, but in the same way they looked like they were having the time of their lives. The energy they produced and the quality of their live singing was beyond anything I expected from these once mischievous boys. They had all matured, not only with their performances, but vocally. They performed their older songs such as “Be Ma Girl“, “No More Perfume On You“, “Clap” and “Supa Luv” which enticed the fans to sing and dance along. Their interactions through these songs showed that they were not expecting the entirety of the venue to start singing along in perfect Korean, they all looked shocked but at the same time a sense of pride came over them as they encouraged the fans to continue by pointing their microphones out towards the crowd.


There were moments where the boys needed to change their stage clothes, and this was helped with the use of VCR videos on the big screen. They showed their journey from their world tour back in 2013 and a few behind the scenes videos and pictures that the boys had made themselves. There were also times where only certain members would take to the stage, giving a chance for the other members to go off and change. These were then the solo or special stages that all fans wait for. We had Chunji, Niel and Changjo singing their own song “Hello“, C.A.P and L.Joe singing Far East Movement’sLike A G6” and then there was a group cover of James Blunt’sYou’re Beautiful” and Robin Thicke’sBlurred Lines“. This not only showed diversity in the boys music styles, but it also showed that they had really thought about what the fans would like to hear and see. Their English pronunciation during these songs were amazing, and I felt some pride towards them.


When the boys had finished their mixture of dance, fun and ballad songs sending the crowd into a rollercoaster of emotions, it was obvious that the show was coming to an end. As the boys waved goodbye the crowd was screaming for an encore, something that is common at all concerts. Not one to disappoint, upon the big LCD screen came the following words:


Do you like the show?

Do you want more?

Do you really want more?

Make some noise!”

And on cue, the crowd erupted. These screams were deafening, even staff around me who were prepared for the noise couldn’t believe how loud the crowd was. As if summoned by the excitement, Teen Top appeared on the stage to perform their last three songs, one being their latest song “Rocking“. The boys used these last few songs to give it their ultimate all, and really pushed their fan service to new limits. Taking flags, banners, photos with fans and throwing items into the crowds, this was their final time to say thank you and goodbye to their fans. With one last longing note, the boys looked out to the crowd, said thank you, waved goodbye and left. It was the end of the concert. Looking around there were people crying, laughing, still singing and shouting. 


The concert was an absolutely amazing experience. The fans, staff, crew and everyone involved with holding the concert were respectful and so friendly. It wasn’t a mere concert, it was more like a family party, but slightly more extreme. As for Teen Top themselves I can honestly say that they have grown up so much from my first experiences with them. Although it was obvious they were extremely worn out, it didn’t hold them back. They truly looked like they enjoyed every second of the concert, and I’m 100% sure that they will be back soon to hold another.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Charlotte from Torpedo Productions, Bk7lan, Top Media, The Bataclan and the security, crew and staff that organised the event. And of course a huge thank you to Teen Top themselves, for persevering and putting in every ounce of energy they had. Should Teen Top do another European concert, I recommend that anyone who has the chance to go should at all cost go. They put on a performance that leaves you tingling, and you would not be disappointed! Be sure to check out the MCMBuzz Facebook page for more photos from the event.

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