24: Live Another Day Video: Cast and Crew Discuss The Impact Of 24

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A new video has been released for the upcoming series 24: Live Another Day, which is due to broadcast in May on Fox.

Set four years after season 8 of the hit real-time television show, 24: Live Another Day reunites fans with the one and only Jack Bauer. Now a wanted fugitive, he surfaces in London after being on the run for four years underground to investigate and thwart a global disaster.  

The video goes back in time (no pun intended) as the cast, crew, and producers of the new show, discuss the lasting impact that 24 has had on television and culture all around the world. Watching this video really does sum up why 24 is such an influential show. Actor, Keifer Sutherland who portrays Jack Bauer states that “The show had the best writers in the business, which would normally be doing feature films.”

Having originally ran for eight successful seasons until it finished in 2010, the Emmy Award winning show is back and it seems like the old crew from before have not forgotten about dear old Jack. Showrunner and lead writer Howard Gordon states that Jack Bauer is a “classic American hero. Culturally, he really became to be this reflection of what we hoped a hero could be in these complicated times.”

It could be that these “difficult times” are one of the many reasons for the show’s return to television. After plans for a feature film based on the series were scrapped, this new limited 12 episode event series was born. Television has become a very successful medium for storytelling, and according to Sutherland, this is largely due to 24. He mentions that “Television is shot faster, it’s more instinctive, it gives a lot more opportunity to improv. For all of those reasons that television has become as exciting as it is, I think 24 was one of the aspects that helped shape that, and for that I will always be proud.”   

Hearing the cast and crew talk about why 24 has left such a huge impact on television and audiences is lovely to listen to. It is a beautiful love letter to the series and with more brand new exclusive footage from Live Another Day to gaze upon, this video should make 24 fans worldwide all the more excited for the return of the groundbreaking series.


The clock stopped in 2010. Now in 2014, the clock will reset and start ticking again. For more information, visit Fox’s 24: Live Another Day Website.

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