A New Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer Swoops Into Action

Batman Arkham Knight

Get Alfred to bring the Rolls around, as Bruce Wayne is back in this electrifying trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight. The incredibly cinematic footage shows the caped crusader take a ride in (and catapult out of) the Batmobile, some ominous appearances from Two Face and Scarecrow and of course more beaten-down thugs than you can shake a batarang at. It also offers a closer look at the game’s eponymous enemy, the Arkham Knight. Rocksteady’s final entry into their Batman: Arkham series sees Scarecrow return with a host of other villains in the Rogues Gallery to finish off Gotham’s protector once and for all.

Whilst the Arkham games have always been stunning, it seems as though the jump to next generation consoles is taking our billionaire brawler higher than he has ever been before. With Batman royalty Kevin Conroy returning to voice the Dark Knight himself, the chance to drive the awesome new Batmobile and the ever-present joy of fighting your way through Gotham’s sordid underbelly, Batman: Arkham Knight is sure to be an unmissable ending to one of the best game series of recent years.

Batman: Arkham Knight will be silent takedown-ing its way to PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2014.

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