The Biggest MCM London Comic Con by Miles – Literally

MCM London Comic Con QueueThis year’s MCM London Comic Con is the biggest yet by absolute miles, literally!

It’s 14:00 and the queue to get in is still stretching past Emirates Air Line. Those queuing are as much abuzz as the crowds inside where the energy is palpable. Cosplayers from across the country and beyond have pulled out all the stops on their costumes, and everywhere you turn there’s someone sporting a beautifully crafted outfit – some are just unbelievable. The theatres are full, the vendors are selling merchandise like hot cakes, and it’s only Saturday. What awaits tomorrow?

Photo by J-Po



  1. immiscibility says:

    And this is why, after 8 years of going to Expo, I will no longer pay money to attend. Over-crowded, over-charged and under-whelmed!

  2. Amy says:

    It was the most unorganised and terrible event I’ve ever been too. We have priority tickets yet we didn’t get in until they started letting the general admission in and we were made to queue for almost 2 hours.

    And the staff were rude and unhelpful.

  3. Stephen Greenham says:

    How is that queue a good thing?? You made people queue in the rain and their cosplay got ruined…

  4. […] the queues and the ridiculous long waiting times attendees suffered to get wristbands and tickets, MCM filmed and wrote a boastful article about the queues on their MCM Buzz website. I understand they want to boast about the conventions popularity, but that was not the way to do […]

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