CinnamonPurin Live on the Pop Asia Stage at MCM London Comic Con May 2014


Taking place at MCM London Comic Con‘s Pop Asia stage this May, dance group Cinnamon Purin—composed of members FinnyLottieLizzie, and Jessie—returned for their second show, performing a set of dance covers with confident smiles and energetic gestures.

Opening with a group effort, the group displayed their skills admirably, introducing themselves as “an all inclusive dance group.”

Building on the present BABYMETAL zeitgeist, the second song performed was Doki Doki Morning, the audience participating from their seats and joining in with the various dance moves.

Notably different from the previous year, the group were far more confident in their engagement with their audience, speaking to the crowd frequently and inciting an enthusiastic response from those in attendance. It says a lot that at a bi-yearly convention, a group can build on their performance via YouTube in that lull period and make such a difference when they return. Whilst certainly their performance last October was far from poor, it is heart-warming to see how far the group has come in the short seven months since that event.

By far the most significant difference from the previous year was the appearance of member Jessie, in purple sailorfuku, who last year was sadly absent. Her added presence brought a very different dynamic to the group’s performance, seemingly giving her team-members a greater degree of confidence and allowing for a set that was slightly more complex, although also more in line with the efforts of other YouTube dance groups who have performed at MCM.

Alternating pairs mid-set, with Lizzie and Finny performing together for one song, and Jessie and Lottie performing for the second, it was interesting to note the distinct differences in the style each member brought to the stage without breaking the overall uniformity of their performance. What is admirable about CinnamonPurin is that they represent each member as an individual, not just in the differing colours of their uniforms but in the way that they interacted with the crowdLizzie was very, well, Lizzie, at one point mumbling instructions to the audience to like the group’s Facebook page, “or die,” before dissolving in a fit of giggles.

Declaring themselves a group who are “by no means professional, but love to dance,” CinnamonPurin are wonderful in their dedication. There’s still certainly a distance left to travel for the group, but this writer is certainly hoping to see the group continue to grow over the next year or so.


Photo by Sarah Tsang

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