Tamara Taylor talks Bones

Tamara-Taylor2Approaching season ten of the hit series Bones, Tamara Taylor attended May’s MCM London Comic Con to meet fans and answer some questions about the show. Bones is a detective show which is based at the Jeffersonian Institute in Washington and is inspired by real-life forensic anthropologist and novelist Kathy Reichs. Tamara’s character, Cam, is a pathologist and the Head of the Forensic Division.

When fans get to meet you what is the most common question that you are asked?

Tamara: It would have to be how grossed out am I by the dissection of bodies, the autopsies that I have to do. Which I am not grossed out at all, only the insects that freak me out. Because the special effects guys are so good at what they do, when you read it you can’t imagine how gory it is going to be until you actually get there. Luckily it smells like prosthetics and rubber so you know you aren’t dealing with anything nasty so mostly I’m just fascinated by it.

What is it do you think that makes Bones so special and has such a huge fan base?

Tamara: I think it is the interaction between the cast and the odd balance between the grim procedural stuff and the odd personal relationships that happen and the comedy the filters through. It’s just a bizarre balance that works.

Do you understand much of the science stuff?

Tamara: Over the years we actually acquired a little bit of knowledge because you start to get a little familiar with certain things, especially after seven years.

Is there a lot of fun on the set or a lot of pranks played?

Tamara: Tons, it’s interesting because we are practical joking all the time, dancing in between takes and laughing all the time. Not only do we get along but it also distracts us from how grim what we are dealing with actually is.

What are Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz like in real life?

Tamara: David likes fart machines and likes to spank things while shouting “Bam” whether it is a foot or a corpse or anything so he’s the practical joker. I don’t think anyone has managed to play a practical joke on him because he is always getting us. He got me with the fart machine really well once, it was a really loud, wet one just as I was sitting down in Emily’s office. Emily is the sweetest person on planet Earth. She is thoughtful, she knows every crew members name and their families, and she remembers birthdays. It sounds silly and basic but she always says please and thank you and makes sure everyone is taken care of.

What do you feel your character brings to the show and would you like Cam to get out of the lab more?

Tamara: I think Cam brings an appreciation, like she is the eyes and ears of the audience. She brings a more normal, human perspective to the case. I would love to get out of the lab more, we have so much fun doing experiments at the lab but it’s great to be at the bottom of a well or in a field finding some grisly, gruesome body. I always take pictures to send to my mom saying “Just another day in the office”.

What is the most fascinating prop that you got to use?

Tamara: I’ve gotten to do some pretty gruesome stuff; there was one time where I had to saw open a skull then peel off the face and remove the skull cap. The next description in the script was to take out the brain and slice it like carpaccio, that was pretty grisly.

What is it about this world that makes people so interested in it?

Tamara: I think that humans are fascinated by mortality; we are still curious and mystified with it. I don’t think we will ever run out of that curiosity because we are so alive.

You rarely get to play a character for this long so how different is it to other roles?

Tamara: It’s almost like theatre because you live with these characters so long you actually discover more about the character and the writers add more dimensions and layers as the seasons go on so we discover the characters at the same time as the fans which is kind of interesting and fun.

Apart from Cam who is your favourite character?

Tamara: I really love Vincent Nigel-Murray, I’m not going to say he was my favourite squintern but I just thought he was absolutely brilliant and his death was so sad.

Have you got anything in the pipeline?

Tamara: Bones is keeping us all pretty busy so apart from being able to pop over to the UK briefly I will be back doing Bones in a month. The writers are starting in a week starting season ten.

Have you got a message for fans?

Tamara: Thank you so much for watching Bones, we have so much fun doing it and I am glad that you all appreciate watching it.

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