Is this the festival you are looking for?

Bournemouth University Festival of LearningWith festival season almost upon us, Bournemouth University has announced the final schedule for its annual Festival of Learning.  To be held across the university’s campus between June 9-15th the festival contains over 150 free events that cover a variety of topics including video game development, how to write a novel and even Doctor Who.

Here are just a few highlights that we discovered while looking through the programme:

Life and death in Doctor Who:

This event explores why the long-running TV show has been so successful. The session focuses on the series between 2005-2014 and will offer an account of what it is about the hopes and fears, loves and losses that makes the famous Time Lord such a powerful cultural presence.

StarWars_jpg_630x400_q85Star Wars planets: Lessons in planetary geology:

What would it be like to live on Tatooine with two suns? Or on the ice world of Hoth, or molten Mustafar? This event will focus on a selection of ‘Star Wars’ planets. You’ll explore their geology and learn about our own planet along the way.

Public law on TV: Popular culture, the constitution, and human rights

How does Buffy the Vampire Slayer relate to the UK constitution? Does Breaking Bad address human rights issues? Find out by joining us for a fun interactive debate. No legal background is necessary.

Is gaming the new reading?

BU research (funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council) asked whether the same academic methods could be applied by students studying a videogame instead of a novel. If you think videogames stop young people from reading, you might be surprised by the results. We’ll share the research in this workshop and ask you to ‘read’ a videogame.

Creative coding for windows and websites

This course gives people of any age the chance to learn the fundamentals of computer programming. Before long you will be developing games, simple 2D/3D graphics, Windows programs and website applications. No previous experience required. Learning the basics of programming is useful and enjoyable, using freely available programming languages.

Hour of code – Learn to write a computer program in one hour

The nationwide Hour of Code event aims to arm computer programming newbies with coding skills they go on and develop further themselves. The pace is fast, but the learning is huge and enjoyable, and before long you’ll be making your own apps and websites. No prior knowledge is needed but some basic IT skills will be useful. This event is part of the Year of Code.

and lastly the interestingly titled:

Don’t eat poo and die, eat poo and live: An investigation of things we eat and things we don’t eat

This event is back by popular request. The illustrated lecture will investigate things people eat in different cultures and circumstances around the world. It will challenge you to look at what you choose to consume and what you don’t. You can taste some commonly eaten and some less commonly eaten foods… if you dare!

To register for the events above or indeed any of the free events that take place during the festival all you have to do is visit the festival website, find the talk of your choice and then complete the necessary registration steps.

What do you think of this festival? Will you be attending any of the events? Let us know in the comments below!

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