Trailer for The Legend of Korra: Book 3


Two days ago on June 10th, Bryan Konietzko made a post on his Tumblr page letting people know that episodes of The Legend of Korra: Book 3 had been leaked. To his frustration, they weren’t even the first ones but episodes 3 to 6. Book 3 has been fully completed for a little while now and the entire season has been shipped off to various corners of the world for dubbing and subtitling in various languages.

Essentially what this means is that a large number of people collectively are sitting on episodes of a show that isn’t out yet and as Bryan Konietzko explained, the more time passes, the more likely it is leaks will occur.

The main reason for the post was to warn loyal fans to not watch any unofficial trailers as people had already used the leaked footage to make videos of their own. Not terrible in its own right but that does leave the possibility of spoilers.

The silver-lining to this is that Nickelodeon decided to release a very official trailer for Book 3. It’s earlier than they wanted to do it, so you have to wonder whether this trailer was already finished or whether it was a bit of a rush job. Either way, we’re just happy it’s finally here!

There’s a lot to take in there. New Air-benders, new villains and was that Zuko? Everything feels tense and it’s clear there are going to be some major battles ahead.

Let’s hope that the series can return to the high-quality of Book 1 because for many Book 2 was a bit of a let down. The story didn’t seem to know what it was trying to do and it all felt a bit disjointed. And then there’s that unusual ending. There were some highlights but overall it didn’t come near the quality of what came before it.

If we can get the storytelling of Book 1, villains as evil as Azula and the amazing action we’ve come to expect, then Book 3 should be something to really look forward to.

Sources: Bryan Konietzko on Tumblr | YouTube

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