New boy group HALO set to debut with “Can You Hear Me”


The K-pop world is always expanding and moving forward and with every new year comes a whole new generation of idols being put into the celebrity world. One of the most anticipated debuts in 2014 has to be the six member boy group HALO. Consisting of members Dino, Inhaeng, OOON, Jaeyong, Heecheon, and Yoondong, they range from 19-22 years old and are under the company Ayin Holdings and C.Two Ent. When K-pop groups have special names there is usually a meaning behind the choice of name, in this case there are two, the first being “A group whose Halo’s shine anytime, anywhere” and also “A group who shines perfectly when all six come together.”

On June 7th the HALO boys took to one of the biggest annual concert stages in Korea and performed in front of thousands for the “Dream Concert 2014: I love you, Korea“. They shared the stage with the likes of VIXX, EXO, B1A4, 4Minute, Girls Generation, Infinite, Beast, Crayon Pop and many other well established idols. Being invited to debut at this kind of event is not only a dream for all rookie groups but something most well known and popular groups fight for. By just being able to perform on the stage it shows that they are definitely a group many are looking forward to.

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On May 30th an introductory video was released where the boys introduced themselves with a little information as to what’s to come. It also told upcoming fans what social media sites they can use to interact with the boys. On the C.Two Ent official YouTube a video was released that showed the members of HALO recording their songs. This provided an insight to the personalities of each of the members and is something that we have yet to see in full. Individual teaser photos began to be released on June 16th-18th, then on June 17th, to keep in with the many World Cup themed videos, the boys decided to show their skills at playing a video game match.

With the group not being overly hyped up there seems to be a more natural connection with fans of the K-pop genre genuinely interested in seeing what HALO have to offer. By watching their first performance on the Dream Concert stage people can see that they have the vocals and the dancing skills, and with the release of the other smaller videos to give introductions to the members they seem to have the happy-go-lucky personalities that will drive fans to like them even more. There does seem to be something about this group (I cannot pin point it), but HALO will definitely be one to look out for during the later half of 2014 and early stages of 2015.

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