MCM Buzz launches MCM Legacy Galleries

MCM Expo - London 2007-image taken by Rob Thomson

With the news recently announced that this May’s MCM London Comic Con was the largest MCM convention to date and has led to the event becoming the largest of its type in the UK, we at MCM Buzz have decided to take a look back at the various events that helped bring about this mammoth achievement.

Thanks to the various members of our MCM Buzz team and the MCM Expo Group photographers who have attended previous MCM Comic Con (then MCM Expo) and Memorabilia events, we will be launching new legacy galleries on our Facebook page. There will also be the chance for you, our readers, to submit your images for use in these galleries, the only criteria being that they must be pre-May 2014 and must not contain any personal watermarks as all credits will be given in the image description.

However, before this, we will be uploading a few preview shots, one of which you can find above: the image is from 2007 and is courtesy of Rob Thomson and another you can find below is from May 2013,  is courtesty of MCM Buzz photographer John Shek. There are others you can find on our tumblr and Facebook pages to give you an example of what you can expect to see in the galleries when they launch in the coming weeks.

The first gallery is set to go live in the next couple of days and can be found on our Facebook page. For more information and to submit your images please email with the subject MCM Legacy.

Image from May 2013 courtesy of John Shek


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