German K-Culture Festival releases special package deal for concert


For those of you who have been keeping an eye on the announcements coming from Germany about the K-Culture Festival you will be happy to hear that a special package deal has been made for fans to have the best experience possible. Hosting a K-pop concert with the likes of BTOB, Block B, Vixx, Ailee, MBLAQ and GOT7 the K-Culture Festival will also be selling limited edition packages where you can enjoy the whole day and get goodies that are ONLY available at the K-Culture Festival.

In the Limited Edition Package you will receive a customised poster where you can pick any picture you like and have it feature on your very own copy of the Official K-Culture Festival poster. After you buy the Limited Edition Package all you have to do is send them the photo that you want on the poster, which is then attached over the scan code that has the official information of the concert. You can choose any photo, be it one of yourself, your family or even your favourite celebrity and it will be completely unique. You will also receive a limited edition T-shirt. Your T-shirt will have your name in Korean Hangul and the name of one of the artist’s who will be performing at the K-Culture Festival. You can choose which group or singer will be on it and once again it will be to your own customisation, making it unique to you. These can ONLY be bought at the K-Culture Festival.


One of the biggest items you will receive in the package is the K-Food Coupon. This will be the perfect opportunity to sample some of Korea’s favourite food sold near the K-pop Fandom Messe! They will be offering Bulgogi, marinated thin slices of beef (or pork), which is then grilled. In the past the royal court in Seoul used to call it ‘Neobiani,’ which means “wide meat slices”. This can be eaten with some Japchae, glass noodles that are mixed with stir-fried spinach, carrots, mushrooms, beef and onions. This is both a special dish and a versatile favourite in Korea, It was even chosen as one of the most popular Korean dishes in the world, along with Bulgogi, Galbi-gui, and Bibimbap.

Accompanying the Bulgogi and Japchae will be a great serving of the Korean classic Cabbage Kimchi. Baechu Kimchi is made by stuffing salted Napa cabbages with a mixture of julienne white radish, red chili pepper powder, minced garlic, chopped scallion, Jeotgal (salted seafood) and a few special other ingredients. Kimchi, along with a bowl of steamed rice, is an essential part of every Korean meal. It is also known that when consumed in moderation it can have various health benefits.


The last specials you get with the Limited Edition Package is your admission and ticket to the K-Pop Concert and K-Pop Cover dance stages. The K-Pop Cover dance European Championship on 12th September and will feature some very talented dancers and performers on a large stage who will battle it out to win their chance to go to Korea. On 13th September will be the K-pop concert featuring K-Culture Festival’s guests of honour Block B, MBLAQ, VIXX, Ailee, BTOB, and GOT7.

You will be able to buy the Limited Edition Package at from 27th June. At the moment there will be a 10% discount price in support of Korea in the 2014 World Cup, but remember there is only a limited number of these packages available so be quick. In other news MCM Buzz are happy to announce that we will be at the K-Culture Festival and hopefully reporting live of all the events happening. So be sure to keep checking back for more up to date information.

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