Nathan Fillion has a Guardians of the Galaxy Cameo, Rumours Emerge


After refuting unfounded internet claims that Nathan Fillion would be playing superhuman, intergalactic police officer Nova in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie, director James Gunn has revealed that the Firefly star will have a brief cameo in the film.

On Saturday, Gunn took to Twitter to respond to the circulating rumours in the best possible way, apologising to disappointed humans around the world, while leaving us with the good news that everyone’s favourite snarky space captain would still be putting in an appearance:

Although nothing more than this has been properly confirmed, speculation has of course sprung up, with some folks even musing that Fillion might show up in character as Captain Mal himself. Right now though, several news sites are claiming to know exactly what the cameo role will be, and (perhaps sadly) it’s not Mal. Those of you who’d rather not have the surprise ruined can consider this your potentially official possible spoiler warning.

According to a “very reliable source with intimate knowledge” (feel free to interpret that however you wish) cited by Schmoes Know, Fillion will be voicing Russian space dog Cosmo, a character first introduced in the 2008 Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning comics on which the film is based. The canine cosmonaut possesses psychic powers and helps the Guardians out from time to time, but what’s makes the role so perfectly suited to Nathan Fillion is Cosmo’s “hilariously snarky love-hate relationship with Rocket Raccoon” (Blastr). Sounds awesome, right?

Even if this turns out not to be true, you still have a little time left now to enjoy your imaginings. The Guardians of the Galaxy will be landing in UK cinemas on Thursday 31st July.

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