When Technology Lets You Down – Things That Made Us Laugh

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Sometimes, it’s comforting to know that the endless frustrations with misbehaving digital technology we’ve all experienced are far from exclusive to the average Joe. Over the last few days, we’ve seen a couple of brilliant examples of what happens when supposed convenience tech ends up causing trouble for the big shots.

First off, on Thursday, a seemingly inexplicable tweet appeared on the Labour Party Press Team’s official Twitter account stating that “Everybody should have his own owl.”

The fact that the tweet in question (since deleted) turned out to be the result of a rather unconventional hack is almost a pity – if the voices of the internet are anything to go by, it proved to be a surprisingly popular policy, with a series of owl-shopped images and some very enthusiastic tweets (no pun intended) emerging online:

For a time, it seemed as though Ed Miliband might have reached a turning point in his career, but before he could crack open the champagne and celebrate, critics of the proposal began to add their voices to the Twittersphere:

Then yesterday, just when all the owl excitement had died down, this little gem was published by the BBC News app:

BBC News App Game of Thrones

Again, Twitter was quick to bounce back with its responses:

The BBC has since issued an apology, explaining to The Daily Edge,

“We’ve been in the process of testing new functionality for our Apps and a test message was sent in error this morning.  We apologise to our App users who were unnecessarily interrupted with the alert.”

Again, though, we’re kind of a little disappointed. A Game of Thrones episode with no nudity doesn’t sound like such a bad idea, after all. Perhaps the production team could set this as a little project for themselves – see if they can make a few episodes that stick to the interesting bits instead of spending so much time on unnecessary sex scenes……just a thought.

Spotted any other slip-ups online that made you laugh this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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